Drapers Award Winner 2014
    Herald Award
    Scottish Borders Awards Finalist

    Captain Currey

    Captain Charles Currey established his company in 1946. Their range of jackets and trousers are fabulous - they weave their own cotton and woollen cloth, which is used in all the country clothing range we stock.

    The full range is designed with one purpose in mind - style with practical protection against the elements - have a look at the coloured corduroys and country jackets in our range. You will see the quality is top notch - this is what Captain Currey is famous for.

    Coloured Corduroy Trousers
    Captain Currey 100% cotton corduroy trousers have 8 'ribs' to the inch and are heavy in weight - ideal for cooler times.

    They are very hard wearing, soft to handle and warm. Have a look at the fantastic colour selection available - you are sure to brighten up any dull party this season.
    All Captain Currey jackets are made to the highest standard by a team of highly skilled and dedicated craftspeople producing garments where only the best is good enough.

    Our selection of jackets ensure you will be comfortable whatever the weather. The mixture of traditional and modern will give you the confidence of knowing that many years of experience and research have gone into the making of each jacket.