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25 Ways to Tie a Scarf

25 Ways to Tie a Scarf

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Introducing our New Scarves from Johnstons of Elgin


Scarves are the most versatile wardrobe asset and can transform an outfit with a single flick of a wafty tail.


At best there are four ways you can wear a bag: shoulder, hand, cross body and back but a scarf can keep you contentedly fidgeting in front of a mirror for hours on end. And we should know because that’s exactly what we’ve been doing since our new Johnstons’ scarves came in.


We’ve discovered that all it takes to crack effortless scarf chic is a little help from our newest online BFF, Wendy.


Take five minutes out to watch Wendy bounce through her routine and acquire instant style elevation. Magic.




Helpfully, we’ve also highlighted which scarf works best with which look.


Johnstons of Elgin Multi Layer Lightweight Scarf


Johnstons of Elgin Multi Layer Scarf

This gorgeous scarf is made of extra fine merino and cashmere with a silvery slither of silk dividing the gentle colours. It’s the perfect shape and wafty weight for the DIY Infinity, The Celebrity and The Decoration.


Johnstons of Elgin Tumbled Fancy Stripe Scarf


Johnstons of Elgin Fancy Stripe Scarf

A lovely, gauzy, 100% cashmere scarf with a light, summery, seaside rock stripe. The tumbled texture, pattern and shape make it perfect for rolled looks like The Mira and The Boa. The Magic Trick also shows off the stripes beautifully.


Johnstons of Elgin Extra Fine Merino Plain Stole


Johnstons of Elgin Fine Merino Scarf

A scarf that is all about the volume, big beautiful and huggably soft. The lighter colours, duck egg, soft candy pink and pebble grey are perfect with dresses on cooler summer days. Wear The Waterfall, The Fake Knot or The Euro Loop and transform into The Wrap if the breeze picks up.