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Badminton Trot Up – Timing, Flash and Bling

Badminton Trot Up – Timing, Flash and Bling

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Trot Up Report


The hotly anticipated Badminton Trot Up played out yesterday afternoon in glorious sunshine. Cameron Crawford (Choppy) phoned to report crowds were 20 deep as they waited for horses and riders to face the first inspection.


All 84 horses passed the judge’s scrutiny and will go on to compete. Only a single horse, Marco Biasia’s, Tatchou was called to the holding box before being accepted.


The judges paid close attention to the fitness of the horses, but for everyone else it was all about the swank.


At the Olympics it was bronze for Caroline Powell but yesterday she went for gold.


@HandHonTour tweeted that Caroline sporting some bling.


Caroline Powell and ONWARDS AND UPWARDS - Mitsubishi Motors Badminton Horse Show

Caroline with her sublte gold bling flashing in the Badminton sunshine. A very chic look, topped off with a cracking pair of glam shades. Onwards and Upwards – stable name Flash – living up to his name. Image Courtesy, Nico Morgan Photography.


And later on they included her in the Horse and Hound Trot Up best dressed list.


Seeing Emily Galbraith in her A Hume threads, trotting out with Timing makes us beam with vicarious pride.


emily galbraith badminton trot up 1

Emily Galbraith and Timing working their equestrian chic at the Badminton Trot Up. Image courtesy, Uptown Eventing.


Timing looks eager and keen, and Emily is just the bee’s knees – how does she do country poise and elegance whilst sleeping on a bed of straw?


Check out that hair. Anyone would think she had the glam squad with her.


But, no – truth is she’s just hared down from the Borders in the Galbraith Clan horsebox – checking in the wing mirror all the way to ensure nothing essential, or mechanical falls off – and parked it up next to the Swank Mobiles of Eventing’s Great and Good. All so that the entire Galbraith family: Mum, Dad, sisters Anna and Flora, boyfriend Johnny and a whole entourage of cheering relatives, can disembark and inflict their unique brand of joyful, familial chaos on the Badminton Bigwigs.


The Galbraith clan in action is quite something, what Emily lacks in big funding is made up for in grassroots family support.