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Shifting into Gifting Gear – Men’s

Shifting into Gifting Gear – Men’s

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A Hume Men’s Christmas Gift Guide


Christmas Present

Very often women regard Christmas as an opportunity to re-style men, to mould them like their very own Ken-doll. They appraise their husbands, sons and boyfriends critically and pass insensitive judgements like, ‘That shirt’s seen better days,’ or, ‘I think you need to make more of an effort,’ oblivious to the hurt and plunging self-esteem.


Beloved jumpers, dear old friends, begin to disappear from drawers. Then on second glance, the dog basket looks plusher, cosier and the dog rather smug, nestled on a bed of….wait, a minute; and then, the penny drops. Your favourite weekend lambswool has become a home for a hound. And nobody asked you – no one consulted you about this raid on all you hold dear.


If you dare to question the marauder you’ll likely encounter a chilly indifference to your pain. The woman in question is operating in the firm belief that it’s all for your own good. She’s got plans. She’s moved into gifting gear and she’s making way for new acquisitions.


Now this can go one of two ways: in her quest your mother, wife, girlfriend comes across the A Hume Men’s Gift Guide. Phew. Sigh of relief. Happy Christmas. Or, she flounders around in a world of sartorial delusion and you end up with a Crimbo howler like Colin Firth in Bridgette Jones.


So spare us all, select your picks from the 3 looks below and send this on. Now.


Blue Christmas


Blue christmas

Blue Christmas, see below for full details.


Blue Christmas clockwise from top left: Pantherella Cashmere Argyle Socks – Navy; William Lockie Lambswool Fair Isle; Estribos Ollie Azul Belt; Derek Rose Davos Blue Pyjamas; RM Williams Nanga Bag.



Boxing Day Shoot


boxing day shoot

Boxing Day Shoot; see below for full details.


Boxing Day Shoot clockwise from top left: A Hume Attonburn Cashmere Cap; Schoffel Ptarmigan Tweed Coat; Breire of William Lockie Scotia Shooting Sweater; RM Williams Leather Hip Flask; House of Cheviot Stirling Sock and Garters.


Mistletoe and Wine


mistletoe and wine

Mistletoe and Wine; see below for full details


Mistletoe and Wine clockwise from top left: Atkinson Pheasant Silk Tie; Brook Taverner Doeskin Waistcoat; Deakin and Frances Mother of Pearl Cufflinks; Gurteen Perth Trouser; Viyella Open Tattersall Check Shirt with Cashmere.