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Speycaster Eoin Fairgrieve talks to A Hume

Speycaster Eoin Fairgrieve talks to A Hume

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Eoin Fairgreave


Eoin Fairgreave, courtesy Michael Boyd Photography

Speycaster Eoin Fairgreave, courtesy Michael Boyd Photography


As the salmon season draws to a close A Hume takes some time out to reflect with internationally renowned speycasting instructor Eoin Fairgrieve.


Eoin has been teaching fly casting and fly fishing on the River Tweed for over twenty four years. He is especially interested in cultivating young anglers and as a result of his teaching has written two books for children, My First Trout and My First Salmon.


Eoin is also a very talented photographer and regularly contributes images and features to Trout & Salmon Magazine.


Here’s what Eoin has to say about 2012 on the River Tweed.


Q. Overall how does the 2012 fishing season compare to other years?

Weather and huge amount of rain allows them (the fish) greater access through the system. Character building season.


Q. How has the weather affected the season?

Record rainfall from July onwards – success is relevant to the amount of the water in different stages in the River. Autumn has seen good constant water, not too much fluctuation.


Q. What has been your 2012 season highlight?

It has been the most unusual season for 25 years. But early September into early October has been better.


Q. When fishing what do you never leave home without?

A very good waterproof jacket.


Q. What is your favourite beat?

Makerstoun, I was Ghillie there for 14 years, so lots of fond memories and good water.


Q. Where do you go for your fishing information?

Fishpal – universal portal for fly fishing. The most important information is on water levels and fishing availability – where you can actually get a beat. We live in an information based system so you can really plan by looking at previous data.


Q. If you could fish anywhere else in the world where would it be?

I have been fortunate enough to travel lots with fly fishing. My favourite countries to fish are Patagonia or Russia.


Q. Who is your ideal fishing companion?

Someone who is a keen angler, fun-natured, and generally good company in a riverside environment.


Further details on Eoin’s instruction packages and course can be foundon Eoin Fairgreave.co.uk