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Team Spirit Peaks at Ryder Cup 2014

Team Spirit Peaks at Ryder Cup 2014

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USA players’ wives show their support by wearing matching outfits. Could European players’ wives be wearing A Hume in 2016?

With every passing Ryder Cup the competition seems to get fiercer, the margin narrower and the crowd louder.


It’s not often you hear a golf crowd roar like a stadium of football supporters. Golf is a sport of gentlemen and hush is required during play. But the Ryder Cup is different and this year it’s all about #bringthenoise.




Perhaps, encouraging the crowd to roar didn’t have the positive knock on effect that Ian Poulter was after for that particular tee shot in 2012 but he was definitely looking for that little bit extra, that emotional and psychological uplift that can make the difference between wining and losing and after this morning’s rounds, Team Europe might well be looking to once again gain that little extra edge.


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Ryder Cup Team Europe 2012.
Rory McIlroy “ it would be that half a per cent or that one per cent that helps us to get back that little trophy.”
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Rory McIroy spoke earlier this week about the little things that create team spirit and can spur a team on to win:

“The one thing that I remember about Celtic Manor is that we all got on a conference call with Seve, with all of us huddled around this little speakerphone and Seve rallying the troops, which was incredible.

“Those things do help, as it galvanises us and brings us together, especially something like that. They are little details in the bigger picture, but it would be that half a per cent or that one per cent that helps us to get back that little trophy.”


Thinking about the detail and the ‘half or one per cent’ is perhaps what’s behind the unilateral dress code of the Team USA wives, who appeared at Edinburgh airport on Monday united in their patriotic, elegant red, white and blue outfit of blazers, boots and jeans.

Is this Team USA pulling out all the stops to cultivate team spirit? Is Captain Tom Watson hoping that the sight of their wives dressed in their team togs will inspire his players to victory? And if it does make a difference can we expect to see the wives of the European team adopting a team dress code for 2016?



There’s a thought worth pondering….we can’t help thinking the wives of the European players would look great in our A Hume Anniversary Tweed.


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