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Working Like A Dog

Working Like A Dog

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Brody Country Life Celebrity


Many of you will have met A Hume’s star attraction – no, not Archie – but, our online friends and customers who haven’t yet made the pilgrimage to Kelso may not have had the pleasure.


Brody, 22 Horsemarket, Kelso

Brody, house hound at A Hume Country Clothing and star in Country Life.


Meet Brody.


Brody has trebled footfall through our Horsemarket shop and won A Hume enough column inches in the country press to be the envy of any fancy PR. And he has done this by upholding traditional canine virtues; greeting every customer like a long lost friend, not caring if you buy or not, appealing eyes, wagging tail and general shiny-coated, ebony, doggy loveliness, all executed whilst looking cute in a leather armchair.


You see, Brody belongs to A Hume shop Manager, Rob Bacon and he accompanies his master to work, every day – loyal and faithful hound that he is – and such is Brody’s infamy that when Country Life were casting for Britain’s most beloved office dogs, they knew to speak to Brody (well, Rob really).


Read it here: Bring Your Dog to Work, Country Life, 2013.


Brody - Having a little rest

Brody – Having a little rest


We’re so proud we could bark it from the wooftops (sorry!).