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10 New things to try in 2016

Ten things to try in 2016 – pick just one and life will be a whole lot more interesting. Our favourite is number 10…


1. Our opener is a bit of a shocker, but we heard it on Woman’s Hour so it can’t be that bad – and you can stop laughing now, yes occasionally it is on in the A Hume environs. Anyway the ‘thing’ is Cuffing – the act of hitching yourself (hence the term ‘cuffing,’ as-in handcuffs) temporarily to a love interest.


And right now we’re in the heart of Cuffing Season – essentially winter, when it’s a bit cold, you don’t feel like going out and you’d rather stay in and cuddle up with someone. We assume that when spring comes you un-cuff and revert to singledom. Make of this ‘thing’ what you will.





2.Make The Switch by Netflix. The cunning devils at entertainment powerhouse Netflix have conjured up a homespun Heath Robinson style ‘Switch’ that dims the lights, silences your phone and even orders take-away in preparation for a viewing marathon.


They’ve uploaded a video showing how they made their, switch and are encouraging all and sundry to have a go. One way to while away the winter nights if you don’t fancy Cuffing.


3. Why don’t you switch off The Switch and go do something more interesting instead. Make 2016 the year you go see more live music. It doesn’t matter what you do, go see the band that made your heart beat faster when you were young. Or if you’re young go out and find yourself a band that makes your heart beat fast. The main thing is to launch yourself with gusto into the mosh-pit of music.


4. Learn more about where you live. There might be a road, or a lane nearby that you’ve never ventured down. A café or a shop you’ve always meant to visit but isn’t life just so busy. Perhaps there’s a tourist attraction you’ve never made it to because well, you can do that anytime.


Well, try making that time now. Live in Edinburgh but never been to the Castle – Go in 2016. You get the idea, just apply the thinking to wherever you are.


5. Volunteering. It’s often said that the most precious gift you can give is time and there are lots of organisations out there looking for a little of your time. Do-it Be More is a website that brings together volunteers with organisations looking for help.


On this site you’ll find opportunities with RSPB, Riding for the Disabled, charities working to help Syrians, gardening as therapy – over 46,000 charities looking to fill 1.5million volunteer vacancies. You can also contact the RSPB directly about volunteering opportunities.


6. Learn to Bake. At the start of the year most people swear by resolutions to eat less cake but we feel it’s probably more realistic to resolve to eat better cake! And as baking is having a renaissance there really is no time like the present to learn to bake and no better book to teach you than Mary Berry’s Bake Off: Learn to Bake book.


7. Try a new language. This may sound like a steep mountain to climb but with so many apps available for smart phones, learning at least a few words and phrases is within anyone’s grasp. Ideal if you’re heading abroad. But imagine how impressive it would be if you could trot out a please and thank you in Mandarin when you’re collecting your take away?


Jack Nicholson Smiling

Smile More – It’s Good For You! Jack Nicholson. Image source: Pinterest.


8. Spend more time outside. Again a more achievable spin on a popular New Year’s resolution – to do more exercise. We are BIG fans of outside. You may have guessed this from the clothes we sell and where we live. Doesn’t matter what you do out there – walk, run, fish, pull weeds, paint, cut grass or just gaze at the clouds passing in the sky. The thing is that breathing in the fresh stuff does wonders for body and soul. So get out there and gulp it up for free.


9. Smile more. Research shows that smiling – even when you’re feeling low – brightens your mood and makes you feel more positive. There are also indications that smiling reduces stress, makes you more approachable, more trustworthy, more creative and more productive. Best of all smiling is free, which makes doing more of it worth a go. Anything to get through January!


10. Lastly we’d like to issue an invitation to visit A Hume in Kelso. Over the past decade our business has grown and grown. We now sell online to people all over the world. The funny thing is that more and more of our further flung customers are making the trip to see us here in Kelso.


We don’t claim that visiting us is the sole motivation for their adventure. Kelso lies in the heart of the Scottish Borders, one of the most beautiful regions in the UK. We have fishing on the Tweed, and other country pursuits, golf, walking and mile upon mile of unspoilt coastline to tempt you, as well as a warm welcome at the shops.



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