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Buying A Made to Measure Suit: Our Tailoring Services


A suit that has been expertly altered by your tailor is a privilege and an investment for your wardrobe. We have been tailoring country clothing even since we opened our doors in 1929, when Arch Hume’s team of five highly specialised tailors used the finest tweeds and cloths to create beautiful made to measure pieces of country clothing. We are proud to still offer this unique service and are still creating customised pieces for country ladies and gentlemen like we did almost 100 years ago. Our service has stood the test of time due to our preservation of a personalised and quality service. When you come to us for our made to measure service, we are with you every step of the journey so that you walk away with the suit of your dreams that is perfectly tailored to your needs. Here is our full guide to made to measure suits.


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The Difference Between Bespoke and Made to Measure Suits

Simply put, there are two types of custom tailoring: bespoke, when a unique pattern is created to your exact specification and measurements then tailored to fit and move with you like a flattering second skin. And made to measure, when an existing pattern is fully customised to your specification and measurements, including choice of the cloth, style and cut. Of the two custom tailoring options, made to measure is the more affordable option that still allows you to experience the joy of a glove-like fit.


The Cost of a Made to Measure Suit

Like any personalised service, the price is largely dependent on the type of cloth, item, and level of customisation you want. Whilst not comparable to your “off the peg” items, the experience, value and fit of a made to measure item is incomparable, and often a price worth paying. Our prices for the made to measure service are:


Two Piece Suit (depending on weight of cloth, lining &  trims) from approx £800.00
Tweed Jacket From £370.00
Tweed Shooting Breeks From £230.00
Tweed Waistcoats From £245.00


Gentlemens 8yd Kilt (12/13oz) £550.00
Prince Charlie Jacket and Vest £370.00
Black Argyle Jacket £255.00
Tweed Day Jacket £255.00
Flashes for socks Free in same tartan as kilt
Kilt Belt & Buckle £61.00
White Hose Socks (Evening) £22.50
Charcoal Hose Socks (Day) £17.50
Kilt Pin   from £17.50
Dress Sporran  from £140.00
Day Sporran   from £75.00
Skean Dhu   from £49.95
Black Broques £95.00
Tartan Trousers  from £295.0o


Feel free to visit Menswear store or call them on 01573 224 620 for a more in-depth conversation around what you are looking for.


The Benefits of a Made to Measure Suit

When it comes to suits, there really is no “one size fits all”. Everyone differs from standard measurements, and no one is symmetrical. One shoulder is higher than another, our back, or arms are proportionately longer or shorter than standard. Buying made to measure allows you to experience the pleasure and privilege of clothes that fit your unique frame perfectly.


Our Made to Measure Service at A Hume

At A Hume our made to measure men’s tailoring service covers:

  • Jackets
  • Trousers
  • Breeks
  • Waistcoats
  • Suits (two-piece or three)
  • Kilts
  • Trews


The process begins with a consultation where we will take a full set of measurements and guide you through tailoring choices and cloth selection. We will then schedule a further fitting or ‘try on’ when the jacket is pinned and adjusted to form an exact fit. On collection, we will ensure that your jacket fits perfectly.


How Long it Takes to Create

After the initial fitting, the tailoring is undertaken by one of the few truly custom tailors remaining in the UK. Depending on availability for fittings, a made-to-measure suit or jacket can be completed in 8-12 weeks.



Cloth and Lining Options


Our Cloth Sourced from the Finest Mills

We work very closely with our local mill, Lovat Mill in Hawick. We also work with cloth merchants Dugdale Bros & Co., a traditional Yorkshire cloth merchant in Huddersfield. You will be asked to look through our many sample books of the world’s finest cloths.

Choose between a range of cloths for suiting and field sports:

  • 8 oz suiting cloth
  • Up to 22oz for sporting tweeds/shooting,
  • cashmere and wool mixes for suiting
  • 100% wool tweeds
  • contemporary and traditional tweeds
  • pinstripe
  • worsted


Lining – Colour, Pattern or Plain

Bespoke lining fabrics are hugely varied, a world map is just one of the many options. Choose between:

  • Silk
  • Satin
  • Synthetic
  • Bright colours,
  • Patterns and stripes,
  • Plain and simple.


Style and Cut Options for Tailored Trousers

As well as considering the style and cut of the jacket, think carefully about your trousers. Slim and tapered, or classically cut? Do you want a full trouser break – where the rear hem of the trouser touches the sole of your shoes? Or a more contemporary cut with no break – where the hem rests crisply on the shoe upper.


Other Tailoring Options

Here are just some of the tailoring choices you can make with made to measure, do you want:

  • Two buttons or three
  • Coloured buttons
  • An inside mobile phone pocket
  • A ticket pocket
  • A working cuff (made to open), or sham cuff (decorative buttons)
  • A single vent or side vents
  • A closely tailored English fit, or loose fit



Preparing for Your Made to Measure Appointment

A made to measure suit is completely customised to your tastes with a variety of options to make sure that you leave us with the suit of your dreams. A good place to start is to consider your current favourite suit and try to pin down what you like about it. How does it fit – loose, or snug? Where do the cuffs sit on your wrist? Is this important to you? How much shirt do you like to show? How many vents does it have? Also, think about what you would change if you could. Is ease of movement important to you? How many inside pockets are there, how many do you need? How does it sit on your shoulders? Where do the lapels finish? What is the lining like? Would you change it? These are all things you should be thinking about when going to your made to measure appointment with us. Call our Menswear Store today to book your made to measure consultation on 01573 224 620.



Where and When to Wear a Made to Measure Suit

With our tailoring services we can create a tailored suit for any event. Before your initial consultation, a good starting point would be to think about when you will wear the suit. This will allow the tailor to determine the best cloth for the purpose. If for instance you’re looking for a business suit that you will wear often and you do a lot of travelling, he will likely suggest a cloth less likely to crease. By taking your needs into consideration, you can have the perfect suit for every occasion.


We hope you are inspired to start your collection of custom fitted suits for all occasions. Want to share your made to measure experience with us? We would love to keep on touch over on social media with #ahumetakemehome.