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2020 – What a year! And in more ways than one.

A New Year’s Message from our Managing Director Rachel Thomson.

2020 – The first ever A·Hume catalogue arrives in homes across the country.

On the 3rd of February 2020, I stepped through the doors of 46 The Square on my very first day at A·Hume and never did I anticipate that 6 weeks later our country would be put into a national lockdown, that would not only last for months but see out the rest of this year!

2020 – We launched our A·Hume Cashmere collection.

A very tough year for many, we have experienced loss, loneliness, worry and uncertainty. But, we have also thrived, slowed down, spent more time with our families, and enjoyed just doing the “little” things. A real rollercoaster of a year, and as 2021 approaches, it is time to look back.

2020 – We welcomed new brands Ariat, Penelope Chilvers and Celtic & Co.

A year of uncertainty but nevertheless an exciting year here at A·Hume. In the last year what we have managed to achieve in all the turmoil is quite unbelievable, and something I am proud of. A few highlights being our first ever mail-order catalogue, moving our online offices, holding 4 successful photoshoots, introducing new brands Celtic & Co, Ariat and Penelope Chilvers, launching our very own A·Hume Cashmere collection, holding our first Give Back Friday and welcoming 4 new members to the A·Hume team. We reopened the doors of our shops in the summer, which was a welcomed sight, only to close them again on Christmas Eve, but they will open their doors again, and that to me is the most important thing.

2020 – 4 successful socially distanced photoshoots!

Finally, I would like to say thank you, thank you to our very much loved and cherished customers, you have kept us going, we have enjoyed speaking to you on the phone and seeing your sunflowers grow. From all over the world we have heard your lockdown stories; it has reminded us all that we are not alone in this pandemic and on some difficult days, that alone is what has kept us going. Thank you to the staff and friends I have made at A·Hume in the last year, your guidance and positive attitudes have transformed this stressful year to a successful year, and with everything we have managed to achieve this year I am so excited for the future.

2020 – We raised money for The Country Trust on our very first Give Back Friday.

So, what a year indeed. We will look back and remember the year we stood on our doorsteps and clapped for carers, the queues outside the supermarkets, the loss we experienced, the year we stayed at home…but for me this will always be my first year at A·Hume and one I will never forget.

2020 – The year we stayed at home.