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A Hume: Books to Enrich Your Countryside Life

Here are our top books that will inspire you to further enrich your countryside life.


Rewild Yourself

23 Spellbinding Ways to Make Nature More Visible

Simon Barnes

Simon Barnes perfectly illustrates that the hustle and bustle of life can make us lose sight of nature, and we are losing a little bit of magic in our daily lives because of this. Under the guise of ‘magic spells’, in each chapter he explores new techniques and equipment to open your eyes to a world that despite living in, we have never been able to fully explore. We remember watching David Attenborough’s Hidden Kingdoms in awe of what could be happening right under our noses, this book inspires us to feel like that every time we step out of our homes.


The Forager’s Calendar

A Seasonal Guide to Nature’s Wild Harvests

John Wright

John Wright for years has given us knowledge and a good laugh through his River Cottage handbooks. His expertise in foraging have us all wanting to see what edible treasures we can find outdoors. The Forager’s calendar combines a lot of his knowledge into one complete book and takes you through a month-by-month guide of identifying, storing, and cooking edible delights straight from nature. With first-hand accounts and good humour, it is as enjoyable as much as it is educational.


The Wild Remedy

How Nature Mends Us – A Diary

Emma Mitchell

Emma Mitchell is living proof of how the country state of mind can change your life for the better. A long sufferer of depression, she describes her move to the country as the greatest thing she ever did for her mental health. Her diary is full of rich detail, soft illustrations and enchanting photography that shows how something as simple as a country walk is a powerful thing to do for yourself. Describing mindfulness techniques, this book guides you down a little forest path to mending your heart and mind.


Rewild Your Garden

Create a Haven for Birds, Bees and Butterflies

Frances Tophill

Frances Tophill enthuses that we all must make room for nature at home, from large gardens to balcony’s, we can create dwellings for all kinds of wildlife. She quickly details how some current gardening techniques are harming our local wildlife and gives easily understood advice on what we can do to maximise our available space. This book will provide you with a fuller understanding of how even a small step can make a big difference.


Veg in One Bed

How to Grow an Abundance of Food in One Raised Bed, Month by Month

Huw Richards

If you have ever said to yourself ‘I would love to grow my own veg, but I haven’t got the space!’ Richards will take no prisoners with this eye-opening guide. Even if your space is as small as a windowsill, this beginner friendly book inspires the reader to take their first steps to growing their own vegetables fit for the kitchen table.


Tip: Huw also has an incredibly insightful YouTube channel in which he details his fifteen years of expertise in growing vegetables.


These books are the perfect fireside read this time of year and with each page we dream of the coming countryside spring.