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A Hume: Celebrating Our Sustainable Country Brands


Our passion is our countryside and whether we are traipsing through the thick mud of a field with our wellies on or cosying up in our slippers by the log fire, it is important to us that having these luxuries do not harm or compromise the beauty of our countryside. So let’s take a moment to recognise some of the brands in the A∙Hume family who go above and beyond to protect the natural beauty of the country while still giving us high quality products that will last a lifetime (instead of the planets).


Celtic and Co: Award Winning and Ethically Produced

Highly recommended for the Sustainability Award at the Great British Brands 2021, their products are ethically produced from sustainable materials. The sheepskin they use is hard wearing, renewable, soft and luxurious to wear. They source the best natural material while keeping their supply chain as local as possible, reducing the impact that they have on the environment.


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Penelope Chilvers:  Sustainable and Timeless

With a ‘back to slow’ attitude, Penelope Chilvers has an intimate relationship with their shoe creators meaning their boots are sustainably built to be timeless and dependable. They then package these country classics in plastic free and biodegradable materials to do their part of protecting our future.


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Ariat: Caring for Boots and the Countryside

Ariat and Storm Care have partnered up to give us leather care products that not only cleans, conditions, and polishes our boots so that they love us for longer, they have also made leather care products that look after our countryside. In addition to not testing on animals and having containers made from recyclable aluminium, they have taken the steps to make sure their leather care products are environmentally friendly by being free from fluoro carbon, silicone and propellant gases. We can rest easy knowing that we can take care of our boots and the beautiful countryside around us.


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Le Chameau: Keeping it Natural


Le Chameau only use natural tree rubber for their iconic wellington boots, that has high elasticity and is extremely durable and waterproof. The rubber is produced as environmentally friendly as possible and they responsibly use the resources of water, chemicals, and energy. In addition, they ‘tap’ the trees to draw out the rubber without harming them.


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William Lockie: Chemical Free Craftsmanship

William Lockie has been creating premium knitwear since 1874, combining the very latest in knitting technology with traditional craftsmanship for a superior product that is hard to beat. They use all-natural fibres and there is no chemicals or harmful substances in their dyes. They wind back sweaters back into yarn to reknit them if they are unused and no chemicals are used in the washing process, just soft Scottish water from the local rivers which is recycled and reused


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