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Guide to the Gentleman’s Modern Country Style


Here in the British countryside, we have long since held a special sense of the word ‘gentleman’. A man who was chivalrous and upheld our beliefs was someone worthy of being called one. We are proud to say that the countryside gentleman still exists today, and when they are not in their traditional tweed, the modern gentleman is usually seen wearing some of the brands we at A∙Hume have come to know and love.


Barbour: Ageless British Heritage

With a long heritage, Barbour has been a companion brand to British gentlemen ever since its inception in 1894. How has it stayed consistently popular for over 127 years? Through keeping functionality at the heart of its clothing and reinventing itself to serve the modern gentleman.


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Some of Our Favourites This Season

From Top Left: Bankside Half ZipNelson Chukka Boots, Readhead Chukka Boots, Mortan Overshirt, Sutherland Tailored Shirt


Gant: Timeless Styles Made Fresh

A lifestyle brand that turns preppy classics into stylish, simple designs fit for the modern gentleman. Though their designs are simple, their clothes are luxuriously made which adds to a sophisticated style that is timeless yet fresh and new. For gentlemen that are style conscious, Gant clothing is a perfect fit.


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Some of Our Favourites This Season

From Top Left: Breton Stripe Rib Socks, Regular Jean, Breton Stripe Pique Rugger, Oxford Gingham Shirt, Barstripe Pique Rugger


RM Williams: Built for a Lifetime

With a heritage of craftsmanship that’s built to last, RM Williams boots have long been a favourite of the countryside gentlemen. With an expanded product range of stylish clothing (that isn’t afraid of little hard work), we are happy to invest in RM Williams apparel from head to toe, because we know that they will last us years to come.


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Some of Our Favourites This Season

From Top Left: Ramco Twill Jeans, Comfort Craftsman Boots, Mulyungarie Top, Collins Poplin Large Check Shirt, Gardener Boots


Rodd & Gunn: Authentic Quality Clothing

With Rodd & Gunn, integrity is sewn into every seam creating luxury clothing pieces that will last for years. The brand celebrates relaxed living with clothing that is designed to be functional as well as fashionable. Their diverse range suits a country gentleman who loves a fresh take on country style and appreciates clothing that is uncompromising in quality.

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Some of Our Favourites This Season

From Top Left: Peaks Shorts, South Island Oxford Shirt, Gunn T-Shirt, Winscombe Jacket, Signature Cap


Schoffel: Innovative Country Clothing

Schoffel is a country gentleman’s best friend for outdoor pursuits and everyday practical country wear. Over seven generations, they have combined innovative technology with their passion for quality country clothing to create a brand that is a perfect fit for modern countryside life. Their clothing is lightweight, technical, comfortable, and designed with the country gentleman at heart.

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Some of Our Favourites This Season

From Top Left: Exeter Heritage Quarter Zip, St Ives Tailored Polo Shirt, Barnsdale Baseball Cap, Bamboo Socks Pack of 5, Pima Cotton Quarter Zip


With these country brands on their backs and helping them with every step they take, the country gentlemen will continue to thrive in modern times. This summer promises to be one full of adventure and relaxation, so make sure that you are dressed for the occasion. We would love to see our countryside gentlemen out and about in their favourite pieces of country clothing, so please free to tag us on social with #ahumetakemehome.