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A Hume’s Wellies FAQ

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What Wellies Should I Buy?

Le Chameau have been creating the world’s finest rubber boots since 1927 and offer a wide range of wellingtons for both men and ladies that are hardwearing, robust, and perfect for keeping your feet warm and dry during outdoor activities.


What Wellies do the Royals Wear?

It comes as no surprise that Le Chameau are a favourite wellie brand for the British royal family, the Duchess of Cambridge and her husband William are often spotted in their Le Chameau wellies (the Duchess has been seen wearing a pair of the Vierzonord Wellingtons). Le Chameau also finds itself on the feet of football royalty with David and Victoria Beckham often seen wearing the brand.


How to Get Your Wellies Off?

While it may seem easier to kick off your boots at the heel or use a step, this leads to potential splitting so we would suggest investing in a boot jack for the longevity of your wellies.


How to Clean Your Wellies?

Wellies are designed to get mucky and so are easy cleaned with a brush and some fresh water. If your wellies have a zip, clean it thoroughly with the brush to stop dirt from damaging it.


How to Dry Your Wellies?

The best way to dry wellies is to let them dry naturally and out of direct sunlight. Using artificial sources of heat risks damaging your wellies.


How to Make Your Wellies Fit Better?

Wellie boot sizes are the same size as your usual footwear, however if you are planning on wearing thick socks for extra warmth then you may want to consider going up a size. A good fitting Wellie shouldn’t rub your feet and also fit your calf comfortably.


Why do Wellies Hurt My Feet?

A typical wellie is not designed to give support for frequent wear and long country walks. If worn in this manner, many people experience pain in the arch and soles of their feet.   A good quality pair of wellingtons such as the Le Chameau Chasseur Cuir Wellingtons can make a big difference.  They are made to have a high grip and supportive sole and has layered rubber reinforcing on the ankle with foot and shank reinforcement for better arch support.


How to Repair Wellies?

If you are unlucky enough to get a split or crack in your wellies, you may be able to repair them with some flexible and waterproof adhesive (such as Stormsure) that can seal cracks and splits.


Why do Wellies Crack?

Wellies usually crack due to being exposed to extreme temperature changes from a frosty morning to a warm afternoon. Care is needed to extend the lifespan of wellies. Le Chameau Rubber Spray will help keep your wellies in the best possible condition. Simply spray the boots after cleaning and buff with a clean cloth.


Why do Wellies go White?

A premium boot made from high quality rubber will often have a ‘white powder’ on the boot. This is insoluble particles rising to the surface and does not compromise the performance of your wellingtons.


Can Wellies be left Outside?

We would not recommend keeping your wellies outside as they may get damp. Keep your boots indoors (or at least your porch) inside a wellington bag.