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Anna Lascata – Contemporary Country Style

Anna Lascata – fresh, elegant ladies country fashion for lovers of inspired classic style. Instantly familiar but blissfully new.


Birth of a Brand


Ladies country fashions are a tough nut to crack.


Anna Lacasta Suzi Coat


How to break into a world of established brands that command enviable loyalty. Where traditional materials and classic styles are prized above novelty and whimsy. And where you are likely to encounter the most discerning shoppers in the world. Ladies who expect high quality, who’d be appalled at the idea of High Street fashions that last only a season.


You’d be forgiven for opting to leave well alone. Unless that is, it is your world too. Unless you are as attuned to the subtleties of country style as the women you design for. Unless you can see exactly what these ladies want as clearly as you can see your own face in the mirror.


Perhaps in this case, if you had worked for over a decade with one of the most successful country brands, say Dubarry of Ireland. If you lived and breathed country fashion as Elisabeth Gierveld does, then you might be tempted to give it a whirl.


Not to crack the nut entirely, more to prise it open and gently expand what we think of as countrywear. Elisabeth’s collections for her brand Anna Lascata work precisely because she understands her customers so well.


Highlights of Anna Lascata Collection



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Classic Country Re-Imagined


The Anna Lascata take on country wear is fresh and inspired. Take classic shapes and cuts, such as her classically tailored Soldier Coat and re-imagine them in soft, suede. Or the Catherine Coat beautifully woven silk/linen in pale, gentle blue instead of the more traditional tweed.


Blue instead of green. Suede instead of tweed. So simple. Just a small shift in perspective without undermining any of the style values prized by country ladies results in a collection that is instantly familiar but blissfully new.


Anna Lascata is a collection that ladies can assimilate into their wardrobes with ease. The pieces work beautifully together and equally well with the staples Elisabeth knows her customers already wear.


The Anna Lascata styling is thoughtful and cleverly realised to appeal to anyone who has ever opened their wardrobe and felt a tad tum-te-tum. The collection is filled with pieces that will breath new life into the clothes you already wear.



Exclusivity and Loyalty


Elisabeth prides herself on working closely with a small number of retailers that she states will always remain exclusively small. She feels the close two-way relationship is essential to maintaining the success of Anna Lascata. Listening is the key to evolving her brand.


So strong is her commitment to the listening principle that she encourages retailers to pass on the ideas and wishes of customers so that she can work them into future collections. This is not just some marketing gimmick. She means it. And the proof is in the pinafore.


The Vanessa Dress to be exact.


A sculptured pinafore dress named after A Hume Ladieswear buyer Vanessa Murray who, acting on feedback from customers, first suggested the inclusion of a pinafore dress in the Anna Lascata collection.


Since we began our collaboration with Anna Lascata the collections have been incredibly well received and already we have a devoted following. Exactly the sort of exceptional loyalty you’d expect from discerning ladies who know a good thing when they see it.


See the full collection: Anna Lascata at A Hume Country Clothing


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