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Archie’s Christmas Message


Merry Christmas from Archie Hume



Each Christmas Eve I sit by the fire enjoying a little something in a sparkly glass, this evening its Felton Road Pinot Noir from our Best Christmas Wines post.


I could just about swim in the ruby depths – seems a long way to the bottom but I’ll struggle on, safe in the knowledge that the Interlink sleigh has delivered all the last minute parcels.


Tattersall to Tottenham. Cashmere to Cranmere. Tweed to Tain. And Barbour to Scarborough.  By now they’ll be wrapped and nestled beneath the broad boughs of handsome trees the length and breadth of the country.


We made it. All that toiling through December was worth it.


a hume christmas illuminations

The seasonal illuminations at A Hume have become something of a feature in the twinkling landscape of Kelso.


The late night A Hume seasonal illuminations have become something of a feature in the twinkling landscape of The Square, Kelso, as we beaver away in the garret processing orders like nocturnal festive elves. Passers by and tourists have been known to capture the warm glow of industry beaming out from the attic of A Hume in the early pre-Christmas hours as they amble home across the cobbles, from the…err…Cobbles.


But our work is done. Job’s a good un. Now we can kick back and let the fun commence. Dean Martin is crooning away about his chum ‘Rudy the Red-nosed Reindeer’ and I feel a jingle in my bells.


It would all be just about perfect if I could post my feet into a comfy pair of slippers, something manly and classic. Their absence from our range is perhaps something to review. Our customers have homes filled with loyal hounds padding around just waiting to present their masters with a pair of soft sheepskin baffies – field dogs bred for this explicit purpose. Glorious animals – wasted on shooting.


Maybe Karen and I should get a dog to bring my slippers?


Brody, 22 Horsemarket, Kelso

Brody, house hound at A Hume Country Clothing and star in Country Life.


Perhaps a field cocker like Brody, the bright eyed, appealing hound that belongs to Rob our shop manager at Horsemarket. He’s very good for business this biddable, bushy-tailed canine and he’s become something of a celebrity on the Kelso shopping trail. Customers queue for his attention and make special trips to the shop in the hope of seeing him. He even managed to wangle his way onto the pages of Country Life.


Come to think of it, he does rather well for himself this shaggy interloper. I’m supposed to be Mister Front of House – the face of A Hume – and my shiny wet nose has never graced the glossy pages of CL.


Hmmmm. On second thoughts I’ve rather gone off the idea of a dog.


Dogs are not for Christmas!


But I wonder what is? Only a few hours until we find out.


I hope you get all you wish for, but remember…if it all goes a bit Pete Tong there’s always our extended hassle free returns and exchanges period until 13th Jan.


It only remains to say thank you all for your custom and tremendous support in 2013.

Merry Christmas. Peace and goodwill to all  – dogs too I suppose.

Archie Hume – 24th December 2013



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