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Archie’s Christmas Message

Merry Christmas from Archie Hume



I’d like you to imagine me sitting in my wing back chair, roasting my chestnuts by a crackling fire and supping on an Old Fashioned.


I discovered this splendid cocktail on our very own blog – it took great persistence to get the mix just right and it really seemed a shame to waste my first few attempts. Anyway, I’ve got it nailed now. Time well spent. Though, probably best kept from Karen. Not good for her morale to know that’s what I’m up to while she’s beavering away like a zealous Christmas elf.


She really is a bondservant to Santa and the gift giving cause. Neither, she nor a single member of the A Hume staff take a moment’s rest until each and every order is processed, parceled and trundling off in a trusty Interlink truck.


To be fair though, I’ve done my bit; I did all the buying for the new shop – a new shop doesn’t just happen all on its own you know – you can’t imagine the long lunches I had to endure with agents. I’m the creative mastermind behind A Hume, and even if I do say so myself, I’ve worked tirelessly front of house. Not to mention the Awards Dinners I’ve been forced to attend.


If, during the Christmas rush, I’m unable to provide much in the way of hands on help in the back office, I like to think I make up for it in terms of moral support. I’m always there to offer a word of encouragement. I never tire of giving my all to Karen and the rest of the team.



So, at last we’ve arrived here: Christmas Eve in the Hume household. All orders have been safely dispatched and I like to think of them, wrapped and nestled beneath the boughs of a generous fir that gently scents the room, glassware sparkles and merry chatter abounds. It’s a jolly scene and tomorrow scores of people will be enjoying gifts that hail from our humble HQ in the Scottish Borders.


It’s a thought to warm the cockles – or, could that be the Old Fashioned. Anyway, quite a thought and one that I shall contemplate further as I sip away and watch the flames flicker.


Beginning to feel a small snooze coming on, best sign off with a festive toast.


Thank you all for your custom and tremendous support in 2012. Merry Christmas to old friends and new.