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Beat the Back to Work Blues

brook taverner croydon coat

The Brook Taverner Croydon Coat: a mid-length overcoat that’s perfect for mild January of 2013.


Adjusting to real life after the heady days of the festive season can be a bleak business. Ease back into the work regime and avoid crashing back to earth with the full force of a doomed Apollo mission by rejuvenating your working wardrobe.


There’s something to be said for the old truism that if you look good, you feel good. It helps to get out the newspaper, your collection of little tins and your duo of bristle brushes, then polish your shoes until they shine like the sun that you vaguely remember from the summer months. But sometimes that’s just not enough to raise the spirits and cut the work wear mustard.


At times like these a well-placed purchase or two can revitalize your existing office look. No need to spring for a brand new suit, this is all about the little things and how you wear them.


loake chester shoe

1. Loake Chester Shoe

These elegant, narrow brogues bring new life to an established hard working, everyday suit and look especially stylish with a slimline cut.


deakin and frances silver dome cufflinks


2. Deakin and Francis Silver Small Domed with Spring Link

These magnificent cufflinks are paired down elegance at it’s best. Wear with a paper white shirt, dark textured tie and well cut dark suit for crisp, monochromatic, simplicity of the Tom Ford sort.


seidensticker shirt

3. Seidensticker Classic Pure Cotton Shirt

Whilst on the subject of monochromatic simplicity, renew your collection of snowy white shirts, which may well have become more of a slushy grey pile.  This 100% cotton classic by Seidensticker is an unbeatable choice, available in collar sizes to 18”.


brook taverner croydon coat black

4. Coat – Brook Taverner Croydon Wool Cashmere Overcoat

Given that January has been so mild a full-length overcoat would be overkill, this cashmere rich, single breasted, knee length coat is the perfect solution for the grey, damp days that prevail in winter 2013 (see also full size leader image).


dubarry kinarva a4 folder

5. Dubarry Kinvara Leather A4 Folder

Even in a paperless world, the odd important document needs to be taken to meetings – avoid a confidentially breach of Thick of It proportions with this kudus enriching crushed leather folder.