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#Best Dressed – Winning Style at Kelso Races Ladies Day

Kelso Races, Ladies Day judge, Vanessa Murray shares five key pointers for best dressed hopefuls.


A Hume are delighted to be official sponsors of the Best Dressed Lady and Couple at Kelso Races Ladies Day – Sunday 28th May. Ladies Day is always a highlight in the racing calendar. A joyful celebration of dressing up and stepping out with friends.


With one week to go, Vanessa Murray, A Hume Ladieswear Buyer and best dressed judge, shares her thoughts on winning style.


1. Perfect Pitch


The first key to winning style at Ladies Day is surprisingly simple – dress for the occasion. A winning outfit is the perfect balance of glamour versus the reality of a day out at a Scottish country racecourse.


Insider insight: Midi-skirts and dresses are on trend, and perfectly pitched for glamorous daywear. Pencil silhouettes work well on slimmer frames whilst A-lines work well on fuller figures.



2. Heels


Kelso is a country racecourse, surfaces are a little rustic and not very stiletto friendly. In addition, it’s not just the horses who’ll be trotting about – whatever you put on your feet you’ll be wearing all day. So, consider your footwear carefully, glamour but not at any cost.


Insider insight: Block heel sandals are big fashion news for spring/summer 2017. They’re so effective at giving us the elevated, calf flattering look we love so much – without the perils of stilettoes – it makes you wonder why we ever wore pointy heels.



3. Make Only One Statement


Compose your outfit around a single statement. This may be a floral print dress, a flamboyant hat or big, swanky accessories. Be clear, be bold, or even loud, but keep everything else simple, i.e. bold print dress + simple accessories, simple dress + bold accessories.


Insider insight: Costume jewellery and statement baubles are the perfect way to add va va voom to elegant, understated daywear. Statement jewellery also has the added bonus of working regardless of size, age or the weather.


4. Grooming


Projecting an air of winning confidence comes with that wonderful feeling of being well groomed. Of knowing your tights aren’t laddered and all bases are covered. Basically, this means polish everything top to toe; hair, skin, nails, shoes and jewels. Ensure you’re wearing the right underwear – there’s absolutely no point wearing a knock out dress with the wrong bra.


Insider insight: Resist slapping on the slap. Make up suitable for the strong light of day will be more flattering than a full ‘going out/night time’ look.



5. Personality


Lastly, allow your personality to shine. All past winners have impressed the judges with their ability to take on board the above points whilst bringing their own, very personal style to Ladies Day.


Insider insight: If dresses aren’t your thing, don’t feel you should wear one. A trouser suit, or jumpsuit is a very eloquent declaration of personality and style.



A Word on Best Dressed Couple


There is real pleasure in presenting the best dressed couple award. Not many men go to as much effort as the ladies so it’s great when we find a man who can live up to the high standards of his date.


best dressed couple


For men, Ladies Day means a suit: a two, or three-piece in blue, navy, charcoal or tweed. Or a smart blazer, or sports jacket worn with crisp, clean chinos. Whilst smart, there is an element of painting by numbers to this familiar dress code.


The male half of previous winning couples have all been skilled dressers who use colour and accessories – ties, pocket squares, waistcoats and such – to bring personality and flair to their outfits.


None of our couples have been slavishly matchy matchy but their outfits have tended to complement each other in terms of colour balance and character.




Best Dressed Lady:  £150 A Hume voucher, plus additional treats supported by Kelso Races.


Best Dressed Couple:  Her – £150 A Hume voucher, Him – £150 A Hume voucher, plus additional treats supported by Kelso Races.



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