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Best Ever April Fools Jokes

Yes, we know ‘Best Ever’ lists are entirely subjective and you will no doubt have some to add to the list – if we’ve left your favourite out then let us know or post a link to the A Hume Facebook page.


OK – set your face to funny here we go:


Terry Jones – Flying Penguins

Terry Jones discovers a colony of flying penguins. Of course he’s funny, he’s a Python.



Virgin Media – Creatures of the digital age

Being rural dwellers this one has great appeal and instant empathy with the warped comic mind that delivered it to the world – it could be genius – if only…


April Fools_Ferrets_5

Virgin Media’s cable laying ferrets.


It goes like this: on 1 April 2010, The Telegraph reported that specially trained ferrets were being used by Virgin Media to lay broadband cables in rural areas, each little ferret wears a microchipped jacket that can detect faults in the cables.


Porky Bickar – Mount Edgecumbe Eruption

The name Porky should be enough of a clue that this guy’s a joker. A resident of Sitka, a small Alaskan town that sits in the shadow of the long dormant volcano Mount Edgecumbe, he conspired an April Fool on a gargantuan scale – the fake eruption of a volcano – persuading the emergency services to get in on the joke.



Sitka residents awoke to smoke belching from the crater of Mount Edgecumbe, but when a Coastguard Helicopter (who he forgot to call – oops) flew up to investigate, they saw 100 tires burning inside and April Fools spray painted on the mountainside.


STV Irn Bru Tax

Last year the funny folk at STV brought us the fizzy drinks tax – ‘UK Government threaten Irn Bru tax’   – reporting on George Osbourne’s obscure budget decision to tax carbonated drinks and predicting it would give the SNP the edge in an independence referendum. We laughed so hard we nearly choked on our Ginger.


Famous Goose Whisky

Not to be left out of the fun, Edrington launched their new bottling, Famous Goose Whisky and persuaded earnest bloggers The Whisky Boys to give their tittlesome tipple a 5 star review.


Gmail Tap

On April 2012, Google launched Gmail tap a new SMS/Text software based on Morse Code that does away with the complex keyboard in favour of two dexterous digits, a dot and a dash.



The promo vid is spot on, all the usual killer app launch blurb we’re used to, you know – we’re being failed by present technology, we knew we could do this better, it’s within us to change, to make a better world of infinite possibilities, you may think we’re over-promising and nothing can deliver this world of smug techno perfection but walk with us into the light of Google bliss…….Ha! Ha! Only joking!


Who knew the geeks were funny and could laugh at themselves and their shiny corporate world?


Panorama – Spaghetti Harvest 1st April 1957



Before Elizabeth David was a household name and Sir Terence Conran brought Mediterranean cooking, courtesy of Habitat, into our homes, it was credible that the Brits would fall for this one.


Swedish Telly

In 1962, Swedish broadcasters proved the point that if you talk in an authoritative voice from the telly box people will believe anything, even that putting a pair of smelly old nylon tights over your black and white TV will render the picture colour.


Wonder if telling your kids that the same trick instantly gives their i-pod the same functionality as an i-phone would work?