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Brodie Cashmere – Spinning A Good Yarn

New for Spring/Summer 2015


Brodie Cashmere have an esteemed pedigree and heritage, using skills and knowledge passed down from generation to generation. For their collections of gorgeous ladies knitwear, they source only the very best raw materials, from the world’s best-dressed beasts that scamper around the steppes of Mongolia. We are delighted to welcome Brodie Cashmere to A Hume.


Baby cashmere from the Mongolian Steppes. Image source: Pinterest.

Baby cashmere from the Mongolian Steppes. Image source: Pinterest.



Cashmere goats might be bred the world over for mass production, even in balmy Australia, but it is only the bitter harsh temperatures of their natural habitat on the Mongolian Steppes that triggers the growth of their luxuriant undercoat – the source of the world’s finest cashmere. Yarn from the undercoat of cashmere goats in Mongolia is of such incomparable softness that it can quite literally reduce an intelligent, grown woman to a quivering, simpering mush of longing – we speak from personal experience!


Such longing is only increased by the superb, elegant styling of the Brodie collections.


Brodie Cashmere collections include classic, elegant ranges and styles that have a more contemporary feel.


This season Vanessa Murray has selected key pieces from the Brodie range that associate well with our established brands at A Hume Ladieswear, that we hope will appeal to our loyal customers and add new interest for Spring/Summer 2015.


The styles are all highly wearable, versatile and easily styled for women of all ages. We hope you love them as much as we do.



Classic Blazer Revisited


Brodie Cashmere Blazer

Brodie Cashmere Blazer in Charcoal/Silver Grey. This style is also available in Natural/Brown/White.



The Brodie Blazer teams equally well with a pretty floral dress for summer, or worn more casually with a t-shirt and jeans.


Luxury Wardrobe Workhorse


Brodie Cashmere Scoop Neck

Brodie Cashmere Scoop Neck in Silver Grey. This style is also available in cadet blue.


The Brodie Scoop is a luxury version of a wardrobe staple, a flattering style that will trot out with almost anything. Dress up with a silk blouse and trousers, or down with a denim skirt and boots.



Falling Water


Brodie Cashmere Ellie Jacket

Brodie Cashmere Ellie Jacket in Mid Grey. This style is also available in navy.


Every woman should own a jacket/cardigan like this, the elegant waterfall lines elevate everyday outfits, pulling them out of the ordinary and into the elegant.



Shoulder Season


Brodie Cashmere Mini Poncho

Brodie Cashmere Mini Poncho in mid-grey . This style is also available in organic wheat and organic white.



The perfect garment for the shoulder season between spring/summer and summer/autumn. Imagine this shrugged on with your skinny NYDJ jeans and Dubarry Galways? Wonderful floaty lines as you stride out to lunch.



The Big Chill


Brodie Cashmere Big Knit

Brodie Cashmere Big Knit in Cadet blue.



Brodie’s Big Knit works in multiple contexts and will be an item long treasured, relied upon for summer weddings and race days when weather can be unpredictable. And comforting to cozy into in winter, curled up on the sofa. One for the gift list!



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