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Christmas Party Attire For Men

Our Menswear experts Chris Pairman and Chris Whitlock on Christmas Party Attire For Men


christmas party attire for men

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“It doesn’t matter what you wear. It’s what’s inside that counts!”


This statement could never be less true than at Christmas. The only exception is presents – then, yes we concede the wrapping is secondary. But when dressing for parties the wrapping counts.


Rolling up nonchalantly to a Christmas drinks party in a pair of old chinos and a rumpled jumper you’ve spent the afternoon snoozing in just doesn’t cut it.


If you have a partner or a date, or you hope to have either in the future then a bit of spit and polish goes a long way. Contrary to what many men believe, women care not only about their own appearance but yours too. Let yourself go and you may well be letting more than yourself go….


Lonely is not a good look at Christmas.


But if this isn’t compelling enough for you to make a little fuss, perhaps you might consider your hosts. If your friends/family have gone to the trouble of hosting a festive bash then the least you can do is make an effort.


Bossy and old school as it may sound – it really is that simple.


So having settled that, let’s move on to the important question of what to wear?


Thankfully for that tricky task we have our resident Menswear experts– Chris Pairman and Chris Whitlock.


They have kindly rattled the hangers and smoothed the silks to come up 3 outfits to see you safely through the festive season, formal and informal.


The Classic Tweed Suit with Bow Tie





Clockwise from top left: Inverness Tweed WaistcoatInverness Tweed JacketGant Belt in Brown, Viyella Socks Inverness Tweed Trousers, and Loake Chester Shoes.



The bow tie is making a big come back but many men struggle with the logistics. This helpful video soon sorts out the fingers and thumbs. Bow ties available in our Kelso shops and online by request.


Casual Party Look



Clockwise from top left: Eden Park Cord Trousers, Pampeano Quinta 1.5″ Belt, William Lockie Lambswool Zip Neck in Clyde, Gant Heather Poplin ShirtScott Nichol Socks, and RM Williams Suede Kingsvale Boot.


Informal Party Look


christmas look 3



Clockwise from top left: RM Williams Milton Shirt, Pantherella Cashmere Sock in Plum, Chrysalis Reefer JacketRM Williams Ranger BeltGant New Haven Chino and Dubarry Armagh Deck Shoe.



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