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Christmas Present Hint Bomb #2

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Christmas Present


Mercifully men have few duties at Christmas. They may be dispatched to forage for alcohol and sprouts in a crowded supermarket, or required to rev up the electric carving knife on Christmas Day. Or if they’re unburdened by wife and wains then most likely the festive season is regarded as an extended period of hedonism interrupted only by mildly incontinent elderly relatives.


But there are some inescapable festive duties that, were they to be neglected, might see offending men swept out like needle drop.


Sons, fathers, husbands and boyfriends beware – there are women in your lives who expect gifts.


Yes, we know the expectation weighs heavily and that you are filled with good intentions – even if you have no good ideas. And that it’s only the fear of getting it wrong that leads to procrastination, prolonged visits to ale houses in search of fellowship and understanding, but before you know it, Christmas will have arrived and you’ll have reached the pint of no return.


But don’t worry – we’re here to help. This is what your women want…..


Our gift to you. …..the Christmas Present Hint Bomb#2……….the full low-down for mothers, mums (there is a subtle difference), wives and girlfriends.


Plum Pudding

plum pudding


Clockwise from top left: Gail Rowan Fur Headband – SableDerek Rose Amelia Pyjama, Johnstons of Elgin Simple Block Panel Scarf – Pink and Purple, RM Williams Ladies Longhorn Rhinestone Buckle – Rainbow and  Dubarry Browne Sweater- Navy.


Ice Ice Baby

ice ice baby


Clockwise from top left: Schoffel Stapleford Stitch Sock – Raspberry, Dubarry Killaloe Sweater – Platinum, Barbour Ordley Fairisle Mitt, Johnstons of Elgin Fancy Diamond Structured Scarf – Pink and Magee Tweed Mini Skirt.


Deep and Crisp and Even

deep and crisp and even

Clockwise from top left: Viyella Classic Tattersall CheckSchoffel Ptarmigan Tweed CoatDubarry Carton Fur CuffDubarry Kilternan Boot – Walnut and  Bladen Tweed Holdall.


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