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A Hume’s Essential Pieces of Country Clothing

Pictured: Dubarry Galway Boots


Here at A∙Hume, we have had a lifetime in the countryside and through experience we know what you need to enjoy the country life to the max. All the mistakes you can make, we have a closet full of the t-shirts. From ruining our best trainers in the muck of the field (we swear we still can’t get the smell of manure out our Nikes) to freezing our wee backsides off because we didn’t wear a proper coat, we have learned the hard way (so you don’t have to). So, here are some of the things we consider essential for every country lovers’ wardrobe.


A Gilet for Layering Countryside Outfits

Pictured: RM Williams Patterson Creek Vest


For us country lovers who adore a coastal view or taking our furry friends on an adventure, a gilet is the perfect layer piece whether over a shirt on a cool summer day or worn underneath a jacket in the cold of winter. With our offering of gilets being made from fantastic country brands like Schoffel, RM Williams, and Barbour, we have a gilet for every country outfit.


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An Iconic Wax Jacket

Pictured: Barbour Beadnell Wax Jacket


A wax jacket is an investment, and when looked after can last a lifetime making it a timeless, dependable piece in your country wardrobe. It is perfect for those who want that iconic British country style while still having some protection from the elements. To this day, we still maintain that one of the best brands to purchase a wax jacket from is Barbour (if the Queen is still wearing hers after 25 years, they must be doing something right!).


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Waterproof Boots for Country Walks

Pictured: (Left) Dubarry Galway Boots, (Right) Ariat Coniston Pro GORE-TEX Insulated Boots.


When going on your countryside adventures, you need hardy companions that will take the punishment. When you are walking through mud, manure, and saltwater the last thing you want is wet feet (which quickly leads to a miserable mood). Luckily with tough country boots from brands like Dubarry, Ariat, and Le Chameau, we never have to worry about sodden socks.


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Footwear to Climb for that Beautiful Country View

Pictured: Keen Highland Shoes


Sore feet and blisters are the bane of a countryside walker. Which is why when we take on the challenges of walking hills and mountains, we need to make sure our footwear is practical and comfortable for the pilgrimage to our breath-taking country views. With a pair of footwear from Keen or Meindl, there ain’t no mountain high enough.


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A Waterproof Jacket for British Weather

Pictured: (Jak) Dubarry Levanto Jacket, Schoffel St Ives Tailored Polo Shirt, (Lauren) Dubarry Allen Jacket, Gant Breton Stripe Top, Gant Slim Classic Chino Shorts.


No matter the season in the British Countryside, we must be prepared for the chance of rain. To save yourself from being dreary and drooket, invest in a good waterproof coat that can deal with whatever comes your way, be it light drizzle or downpour. Some good country brands to start your search would be Dubarry, Schoffel, or Barbour.


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Footwear for Going About Town

Pictured: Barbour Nelson Chukka Boots


When we go to town, we go to town on our country clothing. Footwear is one of the ways that a countryside goer can transform themselves from country adventurer out in the woods, to a stylish social butterfly out for a pint. Footwear from brands like RM Williams, Barbour, Fairfax and Favor, and Penelope Chilvers are perfect finishing touch to your town outfit.


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Knitwear Perfect for Countryside Living

Pictured: (Jak) William Lockie Cashmere 2 Ply Zip Neck Sweater , (Lauren) A Hume Olivia Cashmere Funnel Neck


Another piece of country clothing that never truly goes out of season is a stylish piece of knitwear. Knitwear is not only perfect for keeping cosy but can also provide a pop of colour or an appealing texture to your country outfit. Knitwear is effortlessly versatile, and we benefit from having brands like William Lockie, Harley of Scotland, Schoffel and our very own A Hume cashmere, that provide the best in luxury knitwear.


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With these essential pieces of country kit, you will be ready to take on the world (or at the very least, the countryside). What country clothing do you believe to be essential for everyday life in the country? Let us know on social media with #ahumetakemehome.B