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Countryside Quirks: Signs You Belong in the Countryside

You Long for the Peace of the Countryside

Whilst in the hustle and bustle of the city, you let out a deep sigh and dream of being back in the calm of the countryside where everything is simpler. Others may revel in the noise and bright lights; you would rather take a quiet night in front of the fire over going out on the town any day of the week.


Animals are a Part of the Family

When someone says they aren’t a dog person or not that fond of animals, it’s all Greek to you. You just can’t understand why they wouldn’t want a pet in their life. Growing up with dogs, cats, rabbits, birds and even the odd sheep or two in the house, you can’t imagine going about your days without them by your side.


Aga’s are the Heart of the Home

It’s an iconic symbol of the countryside dream, and no country home would be complete without an Aga in the kitchen. Every other cooker pales in comparison, who needs central heating, tumble dryers, electric kettles or even toasters when an Aga exists?


Everyone gets a Smile and a Wave from You

While this has led to a few awkward interactions with city folk, you are used to walking down the street and giving a warm greeting to those you pass by. Growing up you knew your neighbours, everyone local was a friend and you were always welcoming strangers. That is just how things are in the country.


An Abundance of Patience

While others may be irritated by running late or going at a slow pace. You prefer to live that wee bit slower and take time to appreciate the little things. Farm traffic, abysmally slow internet and waiting hours for a bus is time you are happy to sacrifice for that beautiful view in the morning.


Prepared for Anything

Leading the country life has given you superpowers that your city counterparts don’t seem to have. Through common countryside conundrums such as blackouts, heavy snow, storms and lack of transportation, you are practically military trained in resourcefulness.


A Passion for Quality

The country life has made us hardy people, and we need things that will be able to withstand your lifestyle. You need a pair of boots that will survive a day of off-roading and countryside walks. While you may leave the countryside, you aren’t able to shake your preference for things that work hard and lasts a lifetime.