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Fashion Forward Race Day Looks for 2013

Key Trends that work for Race Day


Previously, in our post, It’s Race Day – What to Wear,  we addressed the critical issue of what to wear for a day out at the races. Attending a meet in National Hunt Season needs more thought than throwing on a pretty frock and setting your picture hat at a pleasing angle. There are practical considerations, not least of which is warmth – style and function should balance from head to toe.


Thankfully many of the key fashion trends of 2013 can be incorporated into a race day look. Here’s how to do it with subtle style and elegance.


fur snood

Source: via Krys on Pinterest



1. The Fur Snood

This really is two trends for the price of one, the snood is bang on trend, plus it’s warm, practical and devoid of flappy ends blowing in the wind and the faux fur is fashionable, tactile and lends a luxurious feel to any outfit.


peter pan collar

Source: via Prisca on Pinterest


2. The Peter Pan Collar

Pretty collars are having a fashion moment, no doubt their phoenix like rise from vintage shop hangers is down to Alexa Chung, most trends are and she is undoubtedly a fan of Peter Pan collars. The collar, print and textural contrast above save this sweater from looking twee. Works best with either a pencil, or a full skirt.




3. Tweed

Our love for tweed knows no bounds and everything about this coat and the styling above says fresh, effortless, classic, British style. There is a place for tweed in every contemporary wardrobe. We also love the chunky sock cuff on the boots – a pair of House of Cheviot shooting socks could work even greater wonders on your Dubarrys.


The Full Skirt


4. Full Skirt

Tipped as the skirt trend of 2013 – there is so much glamourous, twirly potential in a full skirt and all that extra fabric means you’ll be snug beneath the folds. A defined waistband and svelte top balance the full skirt. Relive the post-war Dior look.


The Wedge Heel Boot


5. Platform or Wedge Heel Boot

This footwear trend answers the prayers of all race goers who seek a little elevation without the discomfort or sinking feeling that accompanies a stiletto heel worn on turf.


The Statement Coat

Source: via Jennie on Pinterest



6. The Statement Coat

On a cold day mostly spent outdoors your outermost layer has to work hard. This wonderful cowl neck coat with its big buttons and patch pockets has a lovely Audrey Hepburn vintage feel and oozes style.


Zara Phillips

Source: via Purely on Pinterest


7. The Statement Hat

Even during the less formal National Hunt Season some occasions call for a hat and Zara Phillips has a very strong record where millinery is concerned. Emulate her hat style and your worries are at an end.


Studded Leather Gloves

Source: via Katie on Pinterest


8. Leather Studded Gloves

A finishing touch with a frisson – as seen all over town from Burberry to the hands of Jennifer Anniston.



9. The handbag

Don’t go big. Anything to heavy and will lead to fatigue and droopy shoulders. This clutch by Kate Moss for Longchamp is perfect, the lemon may seem brave but these pop colours are everywhere in 2013 and they’re easily tamed when worn, as intended, with more muted colours – see the Zoe Jordan AW 2013 collection in London Fashion Week post.


The Muffler



10. The Muffler

This is a trend we’re promoting – the revival of the muffler. The perfect cosy accessory for a chilly day at the races.

Keep up to date with all things racing at our favourite social pages Love the Races. The Cheltenham Festival is coming up soon and we’ll be keeping our beedy eye on the fashion.