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A·Hume’s Give Back Friday

Some of you may remember that in November 2020 we launched our Give Back Friday initiative. We are delighted to announce that this year we will be doing the same…

What is A·Hume’s Give Back Friday

The last few years have been in a challenge, in more ways than one and particularly for the more vulnerable members of the community, so, for every order placed on Friday the 26th of November 2021 we will donate 10% of that order to our chosen charities, The Country Trust and The Royal Highland Education Trust (RHET). 


The Country Trust – bringing alive the working countryside for children least able to access it

Since 1978 The Country Trust has been making it possible for hundreds of volunteer farmers and landowners to welcome thousands of disadvantaged young children from all backgrounds and faiths on their farms to share their passion for food, farming and the countryside.

The Country Trust expanded all their programmes during the Covid-19 Pandemic, ensuring children stuck at home, that would never have access to the space and land that sustains us all, could learn and grow from the countryside. They introduced their “Farm in a Box” programme, where the farm is literally brought to the children.


RHET – A commitment to bringing the working farm life into everyday learning

Established in 1999, the Royal Highland Education Trust has been working hard to bring the working countryside to classrooms all over Scotland. They understand the importance of learning about food, farming and the countryside so that children can have a better understanding of the environmental, economic and social realities of rural Scotland.

RHET reach out to children through various activities including farm visits, classroom talks by volunteer farmers, providing educational resource materials for schools and hosting outdoor education events across the country.

Thank you for your support

I would like to take this opportunity to thank each and every one of our customers, our family, for choosing our small, independent business, particularly over the last  couple of years. We have enjoyed catching up with you on the phone, seeing your sunflowers grow and hearing all of your lockdown stories. Your kindness, patience and support mean so much to us, and now it is our turn to do our bit and support a worthwhile cause this Give Back Friday.


Our continued commitment to bringing children to the countryside

It is always hard to choose a charity to support, there are so many that do such valuable work, and in such difficult times charities need support more than ever. The work that The Country Trust and RHET carries out resonates with us here at A·Hume. We understand the value of the countryside and feel it is important that the benefits of the country state of mind are available to be experienced by people from all backgrounds and faiths, in particular those who are least likely to have access to it and not only are these experiences valuable to the children fortunate enough to have the opportunity, the practical knowledge they gain, the encouragement for them to feel more responsible for their own and the wider environment can have big impacts on the future of our farming communities and countryside.

It is our aim that by the end of 2022 we have raised enough funds to bring 5000 children to the countryside.

Rachel Thomson (Managing Director) and the rest of your A·Hume family.