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How to Wear Tweed in the Summer

Last Updated on June 21, 2022 by Rachel Thomson

No summer holidays for tweed jackets! Tweed is such a versatile and breathable fabric that we believe that you could style it for any day of the year, formal or casual you can wear it for any occasion. Don’t believe us? Here are some summer outfit ideas for you to rock tweed this summer season.

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How to wear a tweed jacket in summer?

Depending on the occasion and weather, a tweed jacket can be a standout piece in your summer wardrobe. It is, after all, a versatile all rounder.

Wearing Tweed on sunny days at casual events

Finding a casual tweed jacket is all about the styling, when the sun is shining for a day at the cricket or you are celebrating an occasion with the family at a summer’s barbeque looking cool and staying cool are top priority. Style your lightweight tweed jacket with a polo shirt or plain t-shirt, relaxed denim jeans and a pair of deck shoes. If you are really looking for that relaxed summer style, roll your jeans up a touch.

Wearing Tweed to summer events

Whether your are at your favourite sporting event on a hospitality ticket or heading to the city for a fancy meal, style your tweed jacket with an open collared shirt and chinos. Smart shoes or even deck shoes will work, however you may want to avoid boots, they may tip your thermostat a little bit overboard.

Wearing Tweed to summer weddings and formal events

There are lots of options when it comes to wearing tweed to a formal event in summer. From 3 piece suits to mix and match with waistcoats and trousers, tweed is a great option. Style your tweed with light coloured shirts. Smart shoes and boots are a great option and in particular suede for summer.


What to wear with a tweed jacket in summer…4 Tweed jacket outfit ideas

The knockout 3 piece

You don’t get more stylish than a 3 piece suit, particularly a 3 piece tweed suit. In the summer style with a plain shirt, white is a great option. Suede boots or shoes are perfect for the warm and dry weather and always look stylish.

Off-duty Style

When your out of office is in but you still want to look like the boss that you are. Pair your tweed jacket with a relaxed fitting chino, stylish pair of shoes, and open collared shirt. Express yourself with a bright coloured pocket square or pair of wacky coloured socks.

Casual coastal

Slip on the deck shoes, pull out the polo shirt and pull your casual look together with your tweed jacket. A pair of shorts will even work with a tweed jacket, so for a casual affair, anything goes really.

Country classics

It’s all about capturing that classic country style with tattersall checks, polo belts and a pair of light chinos.

General Advice for Summer Tweed

Choosing a Summer Tweed Suit or Jacket

When wearing a tweed jacket or suit in the summer, stay away from darker colours as this will make the overall outfit wintry. Summer tweeds include lighter coloured greens and browns, and a touch of light blue in the tweed lends itself to a summer outfit. A summer tweed jacket can also be made from a lighter weight tweed, look for a tweed weighing under 430 grams.

 Accessorising with Tweed in the Summer

Instead of a full summer tweed suit or jacket, you can use a light and breathable tweed cap to inject some British charm into your outfit this summer.

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We hope we have inspired you to add some traditional style to your outfits this summer. We would love to see your summer tweed looks, so please keep in touch with us on social media using #ahumetakemehome.