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10 Men’s Fashion Predictions for 2014

10 Men’s Fashion Predictions for 2014


As dawn breaks on 2014 we take a whimsical look at men’s fashion predictions for 2014.


silly beard

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Beards continue to be the leading trend in men’s grooming. Most are now considered quite mainstream and acceptable whilst some are distinctly out there.


fringe trend 2014

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It’s over and out for the quiff as fringes are tipped to be next big thing.


spring summer 2014

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Spring/Summer 2014


Spring/Summer 2014 predictions appear to suggest styling options ranging from free-range psychedelic geek freak to JFK prepster on a damp day at Martha’s Vineyard.


tweed and plaid

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Autumn/Winter 2014


Tweed and plaid for Autumn/Winter 2014. I know this image looks crazed but if you break it down, really this stuff is very wearable. Honest. What you’re looking at is essentially some great tweeds, plaids and patterned knits with the occasional pop colour. The facial expression that hints at an area of intimate discomfort is surplus to requirements.


man jewellery

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Man Jewellery.


This is a very cheap and accessible trend that involves wearing multiple bands juxtaposed against an elegant timepiece. All you need to achieve it is a hairband or two thieved from an unsuspecting female – we understand luminescent orange and yellow are very cool – and a worn old band of leather such as a surfer dude might wear. We leave the acquisition of this to your own discretion.


double breasted blazer

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Double Breasted Trail Blazer.


It’s back!!! My how we’ve missed looking like a box in our square double breaster. When approaching this trend, we advise you proceed with extreme caution. This look can work but it can also make a man look beamier than St Tropez gin palace.


snood doggy dog

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Snood doggy dog.


Abject humiliation. ‘Nough said.


neon nike trainers

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Neon trainers.


Ow my eyes! We will be sticking to our Loakes, thank you very much.


trad tailoring

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Traditional tailoring.


Now here’s a trend we can get behind. Men’s traditional tailoring will be very much in evidence in 2014 to balance the crazeeee-ness going on elsewhere.


hats 2014

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Men will mostly be looking like Harrison Ford in his Indiana days but possibly a lot cleaner. Again tone this one down and you actually have a very wearable trend. If you want to get ahead in 2014, get a hat. Possibly a fedora, or a Hamburg and a panama for summer.



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