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85th Anniversary Party – Photo Diary

85th Anniversary Party – Photo Diary


Thank to all who came along last night to raise a glass with us in celebration of our 85th Anniversary.


The A Hume Family

From left to right: Morag Salvesen (Archie’s Sister), Archie Hume, Karen Hume and Mrs. Barbara McLeod (Archie’s Granny who is 103!)

Our shops in The Square and Horsemarket were buzzing with friends, customers and many, many of the professionals who we’ve worked with over the years.


It was wonderful to see so many turn out in our Anniversary Tweed, our Bladen’s and Magee. There’s nothing like a sea of well-dressed tweedy folk to warm the cockles of a country clothing retailer’s heart – what a handsome bunch.

The Handsome Bunch

The Handsome Bunch: Norrie Rutherford, Robert McDonald, Graham Henderson, Andrew Wemyss



And we have to give “The Girls” a mention – it was a real treat to welcome Sybil Henderson and Jeanette Brooks. Sybil and Jeanette were two of Archie’s Mum and Dad’s (Sheila and Jock) closest chums, prime movers in a set of party loving women with Sheila at the very heart, setting the pace. Together they were the life and soul, and when they say Jock and Sheila would be so proud of you, then that means a lot.

Sybil Henderson, John Brooks and Jeanette Brooks

Sybil Henderson, John Brooks and Jeanette Brooks

We hope you all had a great night, thank you all for your loyalty and support.


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