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A Hume
A Hume On Location at Ednam House and Floors Castle

A Hume On Location at Ednam House and Floors Castle

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Each year, in early January work begins on the big spring photoshoot, we shake out the virtual blueprint and start compiling outfits on what will become an enormous spreadsheet detailing the 60 or so outfits and accessories that our models each wear on location and the vast array of garments for the studio shots.


Everything has to be meticulously catalogued to ensure that the shoot runs like clockwork, with only two days on location we’re really up against it and time being money, we can’t afford to waste it. Outfits and garments are assigned to the models then altered by our tailoresses to a glove-like fit before being pressed to perfection, protected, packed for travel, then transported to the location.


Photoshoot 1

Clipboards at Dawn: arriving early on location – it’s all a bit of a blur.


It’s a task that calls for military style logistics, which come courtesy of Karen Hume and Susan Fullarton. The first morning of the shoot, was clipboards at dawn as we rolled up to Ednam House and unpacked in the midst of yet more hail and snow, all wondering how we could ever shoot the spring/summer collection in what appeared to be the second ice age.


Thankfully the snow receded and we soldiered on under clear skies and bitter, bone splicing easterly winds that, with a little help from Alex and his quivering silver sun, could at least be faked to mimic an average British summer.


It truly is hats off – though the shedding of layers is still a touchy subject – to our incredibly stoic, ever smiling models; Matt Bates, Hannah Fairgrieve, Billy Hamilton, James Mace, Laura Louvain-Noon and Luci Perry. James alone did 75 shirt changes in a single day, but so long as we kept the hot soup and sugar fixes coming, he was always willing and cheery faced.


Alex and his quivering silver sun casting a glow on James Mace and the flawless sandstone at the entrance to Floors Castle.


Over the years the A Hume models have been drawn from our wide circle of friends, we’ve exploited their goodwill, good looks and willingness to fling themselves into the modeling game. We’ve had a huge amount of fun and cannot thank our chums enough, Billy, Mary, James, Neil, Sandy, Lucy, Chloe, Vici, and Hannah G. – it’s been a blast, and we hope you’ve enjoyed it as much as we have.


This shoot for the first time we brought in a couple more professional models and I have to say our chums held their own. Hannah, a first year student in Edinburgh, has done several shoots for us. It’s not easy to dance to the photographer’s tune in freezing weather with a sizeable entourage scrutinising your every move. Yet she brings such charm and lack of ego to the proceedings that she makes it look easy. And clearly we’re not the only ones to be impressed as she has just signed a professional modeling contract with The Studio Agency.


photoshoot 5

Chemistry is very important and on this shoot there was a fair bit of fizzing and simmering going on. James Mace with new models Luci Perry and Matt Bates.


The atmosphere on the shoot is critical, if there’s good chemistry between the models it shows and on this shoot there was a fair smatter of fizzing and simmering. Matt and Luci were superb together, they’re both experienced models and there natural charm in front of the camera belies their hard work and professional dedication.


We do our best to look after everyone on location, especially in sub-zero temperatures with a regular supply of hot drinks and treatish snacks. The girls get a bit of pampering with the on tap, hair and make up glam squad– on one shoot Laura and Hannah relaxed into vibe so much that they declared it felt like a spa day.


Photoshoot 4

Archie working his sparkly magic on hardworking photographer Zsofia – over 3,000 shots a day!


We also need to ensure our photographer Zsofia is regularly refueled and pit stopped.


For our photography team from The Studio Agency, Zsofia, Chris and Alex the schedule is punishing; 1 full on day at Ednam House, another at Floors Castle and 2 endless days of product shots in the studio: each day averaging of 3,000 shots, to say nothing of the post-production.


It’s a mammoth effort, and the culmination and reward arrive when we see all the images up online, beaming out to our customers worldwide. It makes us very proud to sell good clothes to good customers.


Thank you to all who contributed to another successful shoot. Well done!


Postscript: We’ll be loading the new images onto the A Hume site over the next few weeks. Watch out for lots of new Ladieswear, the new collection from Johnston’s of Elgin and Barbour will have you flexing your plastic muscles not to mention the new Peter Scott, NYDJ’s and Annau shirts.