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A Ruff Day at Work

A Ruff Day at Work



Today is Take Your Dog to Work Day, a day that promotes man’s long and enduring friendship with dogs with the added aim of encouraging dog adoption.


Down at our shop in Kelso’s Horsemarket every day is Take Your dog to Work Day for shop manager, Rob and his waggy tailed companion Brody. Who is as constant a feature – though most would claim a bigger draw – as Rob himself.



Brody- star attraction at the A Hume Horsemarket shop.


Of course Brody is not the only A Hume Hound. Many of our staff have pooches of equal pedigree and being country hounds they participate in a range of country pursuits:


Equestrian Hounds



Beau demonstrating his equine mastery on Giggy. Owner: Charlly Renilson, Online Administrator.


Fishing Hounds



Kizzy returning to base after a hard day fishing on the Tweed.
Owner: Charlly Renilson, as before.



Tweed Hounds



Zak inherits his sartorial suave from his owner Chris Whitlock, A Hume Menswear.




Spanner in his trusty John Deere. Owner: Ellie Brewis, Online Administrator.


Motor Sports


Jack ready to take the wheel. Owner: Ellie Brewis, as before.


Fine Dining


Charlie disproving the adage that you can’t teach an old dog new tricks. Owner; Ellie Brewis, as before.


Apprentice Shoe Makers

Billy and Todd enjoying their shoe making apprenticeship. Still a little bit to learn. Owner: Jacquie Nairn, Seamstress

Dog Adoption



Should you feel tempted to give a dog a home please do consider adopting a dog. This short video from RSPCA is the place to start and the link on their website will help you find a shelter where you can find a good match for your needs.


You’d have to be barking not to want a dog!

If you love dogs and want to support dog adoption and #TYDTWD then please ‘Like’ and ‘Share’ using the social buttons.