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Albert Thurston – Braces Over Belt

Albert Thurston – Braces Over Belt


195 years of traditional British craftsmanship.


Not many makers of menswear can sell you clothes and tell you if your ancestors fought in the battle of Trafalgar but then not many companies are Albert Thurston.


It is not enough for Albert Thurston, makers of fine gentlemen’s’ braces, to hold up trousers the world over, they must also uphold tradition. And nothing makes this point, about their commitment to tradition and their long distinguished lineage, quite as clearly as the paragraph on their website that declares;


“In 1820, five years before Nelsons Column was built (to celebrate his life and death on the 21st October 1805 at the battle of Trafalgar) braces and suspenders were first made and sold by Albert Thurston from his emporium at 27 Panton Street, Haymarket, London. If you want to know whether any of your ancestors fought on the British side at Trafalgar click here Trafalgar  .”


It is a marvellous piece of truth and whimsy. It sums up nicely exactly what Albert Thurston are all about, integrity without pomposity.


For goodness sake Albert Thurston invented braces, this is a big deal – quite a claim – and yet this colossal fact sits amidst a paragraph that appears to be more about Nelson than it is about the invention of one of the keys pieces of men’s’ apparel. It is dropped in with aristocratic, self-assured aplomb that hints at their no fuss commitment to quality, tradition and pride in all things British, as well as their sometimes-playful products.


If you’ve never happened upon Albert Thurston braces you are in for a treat.



Albert Thurston Dugdale Tweed Braces


Their range includes elegant, Lairdly herringbone tweeds woven in Yorkshire and tubed into 38mm braces, finished with solid brass fittings and brown saddle leather button tabs. They are absolutely magnificent and will add untold inches to the stature of any man who wears them.


Albert Thurston X Map Braces

Albert Thurston X Map Braces


Being Anglophiles of the highest order, they also have a ready supply of quirky braces sporting delightful ducks, liquorice all sorts and other novelty designs. After all there is nothing quite so British as an eccentric.


Bond of course wears Albert Thurston braces. Image source: Pinterest.

Bond of course wears Albert Thurston braces. Image source: Pinterest.


Such is the renown and appeal of Albert Thurston braces that they have featured in several big Hollywood films and been associated with some of the iconic names on screen and stage. Of course, James Bond wears Albert Thurston braces and Michael Douglas brought a distinct twang to ‘Wall Street’ as grifting Gordon Gekko, in Albert Thurston braces.


Whilst Sir Ralph Richardson, stupendous eccentric, contemporary of John Gielgud, and Lawrence Olivier, an actor perhaps best remembered these days for his lead role in Doctor Shivago, responded to the out break of WWII by heading straight to his tailor on Savile Row and purchasing half a dozen pairs of Thurston braces in case they might be in short supply.


Rest easy though our supply of Albert Thurston braces is plentiful. You can order now and have a pair of best tweed in plenty of time for Cheltenham or a rather snappier pair for the Boat race.


Should you however be a cautious dresser unschooled in the wearing of braces, or indeed unconverted to their appeal, don’t worry we’re working on a How to Wear Braces feature and will have you ditching belt for braces before you know it.



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