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Badminton – Trot Up and 1st Day Dressage

Badminton – Trot Up and 1st Day Dressage

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We’re delighted to report that Caroline Powell, on Choppy Crawford’s horse Onwards and Upwards and Emily Galbraith, on Timing and our Aussie pal Bill Levett on both his mounts, Silk Stone and Shannondale Titan, have passed the First Inspection and are onto the dressage.


John and Timing

Looking every inch the elegant dressage trainer, John Hill trotted Emily Galbraith’s horse Timing wearing RM Williams shirt and trousers, Cravats of London Silk Tie and Magee Jacket. All courtesy of A Hume.


Though as Caroline commented after seeing the course and the size of the jumps – which are reputedly massive:


“It’s not going to be a dressage competition. It’s really in your face and I’m loving it.”


Bill was equally awed but undaunted:


“It is big and relentless and beautifully built with few (if any?) let up fences, and it will take some jumping – it’s a proper, proper Badminton track and a true four star test, the biggest four star test I’ve seen since Wolfgang Feld built Burghley. I’m looking forward to giving it my best shot.”


We can’t wait it’s going to a tough Badminton with plenty of scope for drama.


Bill Levett and  Silkstone, Badminton 2014

Bill Levett with Silk Stone flashing their stuff (and a little gold lining) in RM Williams Luxury Overseer Moleskins and shirt,  and a Bladen Tweed Sheringham Jacket. All courtesy A Hume. Image courtesy, Fiona Scott-Maxwell.


Aussie rider Bill Levett trotted in style wearing, appropriately enough, Oz brand RM Williams with a Bladen Tweed Sheringham Jacket. Bill’s been an A Hume customer for a while so when he contacted us about dressing him for Badminton we were only to happy to help. Partly because he’s such a ‘darn good bloke’ but also because he just wears our clothes so well.


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