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#BuyIndieInJuly – Money Spent Local, Stays Local

#BuyIndieInJuly – Money Spent Local, Stays Local


Money spent local, stays local. So if A Hume could ask you to do just one thing this July it would be……


July is Independent Retailer Month, an initiative that shines a light on the role small local business play in fuelling the local economy. It’s especially important this year with so much uncertainty around – no, don’t worry that’s not the opening salvo to a political rant.


Just a friendly reminder of the immediate impact you have when you make the positive decision to spend local.


Of every £1 spent locally around 50p – 70p of that money recirculates back into the local economy. For the same £1 spent out of town only 5p trickles back to the local community.


If A Hume could ask you do just one thing this July it would be to shop local. With this in mind we plead the case for six local business you’re likely to encounter in a town or city. Remember money spent local, stays local.



Buy from a Butcher

Bypass the vacuum sealed pallid looking meat on the supermarket shelves for a trip to the butcher.


You can bet the meat in your local butcher will have been hung for longer, be better quality and the person serving you will have a better idea what to fling on the BBQ should the sun ever come out again.


Flowers from a Florist

By buying from a local florist you are more likely to encounter seasonal flowers, expand your knowledge of flowers and choose exactly what you want. You also have the potential to extend the beneficial impact of your £s on the rural economy if you request British Cut Flowers.


Image source: Pinterest

Amanda Austin and British Flowers Week. Image source: Pinterest


Until the market was flooded with cheap imports the cut flower industry was an important contributor to the rural economies. Now British flowers represent less than 15% of the £2bn spent on flower annually in the UK. However, the tide is turning as trends shift to seasonality, fragrance and more naturalistic design


Bye Bye Boots

The name of our most successful high street pharmacy is so synonymous with fulfilling our pharmacy needs that we no longer speak about Going to the chemist. We simply say Going to Boots.


How about reversing this state of affairs? If you’re lucky enough to still have a local pharmacy for goodness sake use it. It won’t cost you any more to fill a prescription at an independent but it will mean a lot to that business and it will help to retain that service for people in the community. By the way do you need any shampoo?


Fabulous Farm Foods

Pleading the case for farm shops should be easy when talking to A Hume customers who will clearly understand the high quality and importance to the farming community.



Especially given that thanks to a nifty innovation, customers can now shop at their own convenience 24/7. Veg sheds like this one in the East Lothian – a veg vending machine! – are springing up all over the place. Perfect for catching homeward bound commuters. Just offload your coins and humph some spuds or carrots into the boot.


Country Interiors

The web and social platforms like Pinterest are a wonderful source of inspiration but when shopping for fabrics and interiors absolutely nothing beats flicking through the sample books and seeing the colours in the light of day at your local interiors shop.


Most local interior shops will allow you to borrow sample books to take home so you can see how textiles, paints and other decorative elements work together. This is not a service you can expect online or from any of the big boys. You may pay just a few pounds more for this privilege but it’s a service worth supporting and one you’d miss if you didn’t have it.


Gifts Galore

Gift shops were always one of the stalwarts of the small town high street but with the rise of megalith Amazon even small gift purchases can be acquired online with frightening ease. The thing is though….browsing and personal service.


How do you know what you want until you see it? Amazon may make suggestions based on previous purchases but it doesn’t really know you or make the effort to understand what you’re after in the way a friendly shop owner might. It’s an algorithm and its big flaw is in understanding that just because I bought remote control monster truck for my nephew doesn’t mean to say I have a continued interest in the XCountry Rampage. Today I want something luxurious and smelly you might pour in a bath, or possibly a necklace.


Local Town Initiatives

A Hume support Visit Kelso an initiative started by local businesses to encourage locals and visitors to shop, eat, play and stay in Kelso and the surrounding area. The Visit Kelso group is founded on the principle that by working together small businesses can achieve more.


Visit Kelso are responsible for several successful initiatives that support local retailers, including: Sunday opening, routing tour buses back into Kelso, publishing a tourist map of the town, developing online and social media resources to attract locals and visitors to the area.


You can find out more on the VisitKelso website and VisitKelso Facebook page.


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