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Christmas Present Hint Bomb – Ladies

Christmas Present Hint Bomb – Ladies

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A Hume Ladies Gift Guide


Christmas Present


At this time of year whenever menfolk return home from a foray into the outside world they may become aware that their wives look at them especially intently. They may wonder at this intense scrutiny. They may question it as they absent-mindedly clear a stack of catalogues from their chair to rest their weary bones. They may even notice that some of the items in the catalogues are ardently circled in hopeful black ink. But it is unlikely that they’ll figure out what’s really going on.


So, let us explain.


What women are doing is mentally frisking their men for signs of present buying and dropping Christmas present hint bombs all over the house.


Sadly, all too often both these strategies net very disappointing results and the women in question still receive a gift box from Boots, hastily bought on Christmas Eve, that pleases no one other than the purchaser, and then only because it has been reduced by 50%; or, yet another Nigella cookbook, when the last one hasn’t even been opened yet.


This year, in the name of cordial Christmas relations we’d like to advocate another way – the A Hume way.


Men, take note: do not leave present buying to the last minute, avoid simmering resentment and burnt turkey offerings. Absorb the impact of the Christmas hint bombs going off all around you. It doesn’t take much effort, with a couple of clicks on the A Hume website all your shopping is done and delivered to your door.


Ladies, read the A Hume Ladies Gift Guide, study the looks, pick things frivolously, freely, as though you were picking strawberries in a summer garden and share a link with your significant other. Forget subtlety. Honest to God, just asking for what you want will make Christmas happier for everyone. So what if your present isn’t a surprise. Surprise comes a poor second to happy and you can always fake it. We’re good at that!


Balmoral Luxe


balmoral luxe

Balmoral Luxe; see below for details.


Balmoral Luxe, clockwise from top left: Dubarry Fur Headband in Chinchilla, £20; Dubarry Blackthorn Tweed Coat, £399; Pantherella Cashmere Cable Lounge Socks, £33.75; Dubarry Durrow Weekend Bag, £299; Dubarry Galway Boots, £299; shown with fur liners in Chinchilla, £25.


Trend Watcher


Trend Watcher

Trend Watcher; see below for details.


Trend Watcher, clockwise from top left: Dubarry Moore Cap – Connacht Meadow, £65; Dubarry Erin Jacket, £199; Pantherella Cashmere Tabitha Knee High Rib Socks, £43.50; Joe the iPad cover by Millican, £50; Dubarry Galway Boots, £299.


Trend Watcher at Midnight


Trend Watcher Midnight

Trend Watcher Midnight; see below for details.


Trend Watcher at Midnight, clockwise from top left: RM Williams Thornside Belt, £44.95; Dubarry Erin Jacket, £199; Joe the iPad cover by Millican, £50; Dubarry Galway Boots, £299; Pantherella Cashmere Candy Knee High Stripe Socks, £46.50.


Dallas Revival

Dallas Revival

Dallas Revival; see below for full details.


Dallas Revival, a little bit Pam Ewing/Sue Ellen style as tribute to the late Larry Hagman, clockwise from top left; Dubarry Lavender Jacket, £299; RM Williams Bundook Shirt, £79.95; RM Williams Telina Belt Buckle, £39.95; RM Williams Suede Kimberley Boots, £254.95.