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Why Country Ladies Love Dubarry Boots

Why Country Ladies Love Dubarry Boots


Love at first stride –  why the country set love Dubarry boots.


To the untrained (townie) eye it may look like us lot out here in the sticks couldn’t give a flying daffy about what we wear. Which is fine for them simpering around the city, swanking from their over-heated offices to their cool cafés, stopping to pop into Mint Velvet to pick up a floaty top to wear when the girls come round.



Our priorities are a little different. The country lifestyle is a wee bit more demanding. We have certain requirements. We have dogs that require to be walked, not through manicured public parks where sealed paths enable you to trot with Parisian elegance in your kitten heeled boots. No, our feckless hounds lead us on a merry dance across muddy fields, soggy moors and beaches where the salt water eats kitten heels for breakfast.


Some of us are even daft enough to keep horses. Farm for our living. And gad about the countryside with our families doing things the rest of the population find incomprehensible.


How easy life would be if all we had to think about was looking good when we got dressed in the morning! How we would roll around in a froth of pale chiffon and step out into the world aloft our perilous heels, giddy and ornamental…


Get real – this is country life!


Give us warmth, and waterproof boots that last as close to forever as possible. Give us Dubarry.


Dubarry 1


It’s hard to imagine what we did before they came along. Once upon a time, green rubber flapped around our ankles; grainy mud and teeny tiny stones that had no business being there found their way into the soles of our wellies. Our feet either froze or stifled in multiple pairs of socks to the extent that even our usually impervious male offspring wrinkled their noses when we eventually managed to wrangle the damned things off.


Since Dubarry launched the Galway boot our feet have been happy and our toes in ticklingly good fettle. Thanks to all that lovely Gore-tex they can breath. Our soles flex like they should when we walk. And get this city chicks – they look good. We look good.


Shapely calves proliferate amongst the post-Dubarry country set. Calves hugged by soft supple leather. Plus they will take no end of abuse so long as you give it the boot spa treatment every now and again (see How to Care for Dubarry Boots).


Love at first stride



Dubarry 3


If you’re still in doubt about why these premium country boots are loved by country ladies, just watch the video, read below, then try them for yourself.


Dubarry Galway Boot – Key Features:

  • Gore-Tex® lined, waterproof and breathable
  • DryFast-DrySoft™, breathable leather
  • Knee high leather ties
  • Finger pull fitted inside boot and wide entry for ease of fit
  • Duo compound PU and Rubber sole
  • Subtle, signature Dubarry and Gore-Tex® branding


Available in regular, extrafit and slimfit.


See the full collection at: A Hume Ladies Dubarry Boots.