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Do We Need KonMari To Tell Us How To Tidy?

Do We Need KonMari To Tell Us How To Tidy?


If you have a problem with clutter you should definitely read this. Even if you would normally stop at the phrase ‘tidy.’ We don’t blame you. But this KonMari stuff is worth knowing. Isn’t it?


Do You Have Clutter Issues?


Modern life can be confusing. On the one hand we’re told Buy More! Buy More! Whilst on the other we’re told De-clutter! De-clutter! Yes, I know we all have our own minds and we don’t necessarily do everything we’re told to do.


The thing is – take a look around – I bet your house is full of stuff. Not in a way that would make Channel 4 want to film it. Just that anecdotal evidence would suggest it’s easier to listen to the Buy More! voice. With the result that the more we listen to the Buy More! voice the more we need to listen to the De-clutter! voice. Which it would seem we’re not doing.


So eventually, things get a bit out of hand and it takes someone like Marie Kondo, tidiness expert – yep, we know, who knew? – to come along with her book, The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up, to sort us all out with her KonMari method.


Do Your Jeans Bring You Joy?


Not heard of it? Where have you been? How have you escaped the zealous folding fiends? And so-called friends who ask you if your serviceable cardi, that will never be quite clean at the cuffs but is warm and fine for dog-walking, gives you joy? before whipping it out of your hands and off to who knows where.


You see, joy, and more broadly our emotional response to stuff, is what Marie Kondo’s life changing tidying book is about. It couldn’t just be about tidying because that wouldn’t change our lives, it would just tidy our homes. Also, a book about tidying probably wouldn’t sell as well as a life-changing book about stuff-related joy.


We are definitely much more likely to buy the stuff-related joy book than the tidying one. Tidying is dull.


Which – a moment’s pause – is perhaps why we need Marie Kondo and her KonMari method? Could be we need the novelty of a new method to persuade us to bother.


Her book is very motivational and engaging. It definitely makes a KonMari assault on your wardrobe sound like a good thing.




The Art of KonMari Folding


According to Marie Kondo we only wear a tiny percentage of our clothes because we can’t see them as they’re all piled on top of each other. Much better, she suggests to adopt her folding regime so we can see and select more easily.


This does sound plausible, doesn’t it? Only thing is, this we suspect is the life changing bit. The KonMari folding technique is quite a commitment. Not the first time when you are filled with glee and new-found tidy virtue, but when you are folding the washing at 10pm after a hard day at work.


We suspect only hardcore KonMari devotees will follow her teachings to the letter from now until the end of their tidy days. But there are definitely a few KonMari tips that could help all of us in the short term.


On balance we probably do need someone like Marie Kondo and KonMari to tell us to tidy and clear out. Some – me! – more than others. A bit of novelty and a new way to think about judging whether to keep something or not does help us feel slightly less afraid of getting rid of stuff. And quite honestly, bring on anything that makes it more fun.


How to KonMari Your Clothes


  1. Gather together every piece of clothing you own from all round the house.
  2. Lift each item individually and ask yourself the question – ‘Does this bring me joy?’. It’s fine to titter, or feel weird doing this. We’re British, so this is bound to happen to many of us. This is different to whether you’ve worn the item in the last six months. You may not wear a dress often but when you do, you feel like a million bucks – it stays. It may be something past it’s best. Time to ask does it really make me feel good anymore? If not. Out it goes.
  3. If all goes to plan this should be the life changing bit. Time to put things back. Using the KonMari folding videos, fold and hang your clothes. Put them back and look forward to seeing all your clothes at a glance. No more rummaging.







As a recent convert I can’t testify to the wrinkle status of clothes folded the KonMari way. I am assured that so long as clothes are not tightly packed in then the clothes will not be wrinkled.


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