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Dressing Bond – Spying on the Spy

Dressing Bond – Spying on the Spy


As Spectre hits screens we all want to know – What is Bond wearing? What’s the car? The watch? The vodka?


The Secret James Bond Deals


A frenzy of speculation surrounds the products and brands in Spectre, as in any James Bond film. And even more intense MI5 style secrecy surrounds the deals done to secure that product placement.



An FT article published last week explored the lucrative Business of clothing James Bond pondering how much the high-end clothing brands pay for the privilege of dressing 007.


It would be easy to read the piece and come away none the wiser. Especially as none of the International brands, including Tom Ford (tailoring Bond since Quantum of Solace) and Sony Electronics (select placement of shiny gadgets) will kiss and tell.


But mulling over the lucrative, secretive, material world of Bond, a couple of thoughts occurred.


Luxury Menswear Brands Love Bond


First up, the things we know. High end menswear brands, in fact any brand whose products are likely to grace the glossy pages of the FT’s ‘How to Spend It,’ are more susceptible to Bond’s charms than any Bond-girl ever was.




At this point we should own up that we’re no exception. A Hume products have appeared in both ‘How to Spend It’ and Bond movies. And we are as guilty as the next luxury menswear retailer. We love to be linked to Bond.


James Bond Wears Classic British Brands


It was thrilling to see Dan Craig sporting Barbour’s ToKiTo jacket in Skyfall. Barbour is one of our top British brands. And James Bond chose to wear it.


James Bond also chose to wear Sunspel. Another A Hume classic British brand.


As Bond, Dan Craig has been sporting Sunspel since 007 Bond costume designer, Lindy Hemming asked the classic luxury menswear brand to rework their classic Riviera polo shirt for ‘Casino Royale.’



Sunspel Riveria - Casino Royale

The Sunspel ‘Riveria’ polo shirt – Casino Royale. Image source: Pinterest.


Sunspel are a pedigree British brand, making polo shirts, knitwear and men’s underwear. They excel in terms of design, fit and fabric quality with minimal branding and fuss.


We have it on the best authority that Dan Craig wears Sunspel boxers throughout Spectre. So you can be pretty sure that if Sunspel boxers are up to the job of Bond action scenes they’re a comfortable choice for everyday life.


Heritage British Brands – Involvement with Bond, Not Paid For


And choice would appear to be an issue.


It would appear that there are brands that pay for the privilege of dressing Bond – even if they won’t say how much – and those that don’t.


Both Barbour and Sunspel publicly declare that not a penny has changed hands.


Barbour and Aston Martin, Skyfall

The ToKiTo, Barbour Jacket and original Aston Martin DB5, Skyfall. Image source: Pinterest.


Sunspel chief executive Nicholas Brooke is quoted in the FT as saying:


‘We are quite proud to say our involvement in Bond is not paid for.’


It seems some brands are chosen and some are not.


Funnily enough, after a quick study, constrained by the secrecy of those unwilling to talk, it looks like it’s the classic British brands that don’t pay $millions to be associated with 007.


Probably because there is a reciprocal relationship between the luxury British brands and Bond. Sunspel, Barbour, N Peal and Crockett & Jones have a heritage that flatters the quintessential British Secret Service Agent.


They are a natural fit for Bond in every sense.


In an interview she gave to Esquire in 2012, Skyfall costume designer, Jany Temime, described how hard it was to find the right jacket for Bond and why she chose Barbour.


The underlying message is – Bond is a discerning man of style and these are brands he would naturally wear.


The unspoken message is – the relationships with the big International brands – Heineken, Omega, etc. – are driven at least partly by large undisclosed sums of money. After all making movies is a business.


And the message for those looking to nail the Bond look for themselves – buy luxury British menswear.


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