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In Yard and Saddle – Equestrian Ladieswear

In Yard and Saddle – Equestrian Ladieswear



Horse owners face more than the usual – what do I wear dilemma? – familiar to most women when they get up on a cold winter morning.


A simple car journey to work, or elsewhere can be interspersed with a muddy trip to feed, poo pick and do the usual daily horse chores, so lady horse owners have to think about quick changes, coats that can be thrown on over civilian clothes, boots that be easily slipped on and off and hats to protect well-tended tresses.


All in all it can be a bit grim but having the best kit goes a long way to mitigating the pain.


In Yard and Saddle



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Lots of thin layers you can peel off as you warm up are great for yard work and the temperature fluctuations your body will experience. A mid-length jacket is a must, one that offers some protection for your thighs in wet weather without being so long it drags in the muck. As is a well fitting waterproof hat with a brim you can tip back, that doesn’t slide over your eyes when you’re bending down. And gloves that enable you to perform tasks without your fingers dropping off.


Up in the saddle can be a cold place in the winter months. Amazing Woman fur lined leggings keep legs warm and stop muscles seizing up. They are so brilliant you may get that too good to ride in feeling.


Top 3 Outdoor Jackets for All Weather Women


Riding in the rain (and snow) is also a reality for all but the most fair weather of horse owners and working around the yard can be cold, dirty and seriously hard work. Coats and jackets need to be warm, durable and have plenty of pockets for all the sundry bits and bobs that need carting about.




The Schoffel Upington is a 3 in 1 coat with quilted inzip that can be worn as separate water resistant jacket. It has a two layer Venturi laminate, is 100% waterproof, wind-proof and highly breathable. It also comes with zipped hand warming pockets, bellow pockets with poppers, adjustable cuffs, side vents on both coats, detachable hood and critically for such a mucky business, it’s machine washable.


The Musto Whisper Jacket offers excellent protection with a whisper quiet luxury high performing outer fabric for quiet riding. It’s long skirt provides durably waterproof, highly breathable, wind proof protection. And it’s GORE-TEX® Performance drop liner with GORE-SEAM® tape & GORE flanel backing offer an additional layer of protection.




The Ronja Jacket by Swedish experts, Didriksons is specially developed for harsh weather, with all seams taped to keep you warm and dry during all weather conditions. The waterproof outer fabric is 100% polyester woven 2-layer laminate. It features an adjustable hood, an adjustable waist, adjustable hems, a 2 way front zip, and inside elastic cuffs to block out any unwanted cold. Plus a detachable synthetic fur hood and multiple pockets both inside and out.


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