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Fairfax & Favor – Spanish Boots of Spanish Leather

Fairfax & Favor – Spanish Boots of Spanish Leather


The Regina Spanish Riding Boot by Fairfax & Favor.

The Regina Spanish Riding Boot by Fairfax & Favor. Boots capable of curing a broken heart?



In his song Spanish Boots, Bob Dylan sings about his girl sailing in search of adventure, leaving him behind and wondering if there’s anything she can send –


Either from the mountains of Madrid

Or from the coast of Barcelona


Something fine to remember her by and make his time more easily passing. No, no, he says there’s no substitute for her sweet kiss and safe return. But as time passes and loves return looks less likely he decides that the thing that might comfort his broken heart are –


Spanish boots, of Spanish leather.


Curious, you might think. Boots. Really? Not diamonds – girl’s best friend and all that?


But then, maybe you’ve never come across Fairfax & Favor Spanish Boots?


I can’t be certain Marcus Fountaine and Felix Parker, the young men behind these gorgeous boots, have a backlog of broken hearts to soothe but I’m pretty convinced that if any Spanish boots are up to the job of curing heartbreak then they must’ve been made by Fairfax & Favor.


Regina boot by Fairfax & Favor

Spanish boots, of Spanish leather, by Fairfax & Favor.


Fairfax & Favor are relative newcomers on the fashion footwear scene. Felix Parker’s family is rooted in the business but the idea to pursue a new venture with his chum, Marcus Fountaine – the two have been friends since they were five – grew out of desire to make footwear for people like themselves.


Marcus says:


“There just didn’t seem to be anyone making shoes that we liked or could afford. I’d be very happy in Gucci but that’s a bit outside my budget. So Felix and I thought we should have a go at making the sort of shoes we’d like to wear and then sell them to people like us.’


‘We sank all our savings into making 400 pairs of shoes in Spain – varying designs – with the plan of selling them direct ourselves at shows like Burghley or Badminton.”


As business plans go this is definitely in the category of ‘Don’t try this at home kids.’ But their intuitive, gutsy business model appears to be working – they sold all 400 pairs at their first show.


Their success can perhaps be attributed to the fact that Marcus and Felix have very good taste, a knack for interpreting the zeitgeist, plus an instinctive knowledge and understanding of quality. They also possess the boundless energy of youth and intense believe in the credibility of their product.


Despite having no design training at all. Marcus and Felix have come up with a stunning range of smart, elegant shoes and boots. All the shoes are made from Italian leather, in Portugal, and as you would expect the riding boots are made in Spain, from Spanish nubuck suede or leather.


The Explorer Riding Boot by Fairfax & Favor

The Explorer Riding Boot by Fairfax & Favor. Classic heritage redefined.


In terms of style Fairfax & Favor describe their brand as ‘classic heritage redefined.’ These are all styles we’ve seen before but each is re-interpreted for contemporary tastes and it is the detailing that sets them apart.


Their gorgeous Spanish Regina and Explorer riding boots are deeply glamorous but remarkably wearable and have been taking the equestrian world by storm.


Marcus says they’ve had an incredible reception at the big shows they’ve attended this year;


“At the Game Fairs, Badminton and Burghley the Fairfax and Favor stand has been buzzing. Lots of the big name riders have bought our boots and we’ve sold out each time.”


Interchangeable Tassels.

Interchangeable Tassels.




No wonder, it’s easy to see the attraction of the long sweeping, calve hugging curve of soft, supple hide and fun interchangeable tassel detail. Stepping out in these boots is only ever going to make you feel fabulous.





A Hume are thrilled to be the first stockist of the Fairfax & Favor Regina and Explorer Spanish Riding Boots and hope to add their elegant shoes to our range in the near future.


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