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Gin-gle Bells, Gin-gle Bells – Gin on Christmas Day

Gin-gle Bells, Gin-gle Bells – Gin on Christmas Day


You may not think of gin as a festive drink but it is tipple of the moment and there are a few we feel particularly worthy of a mention at Christmas.



artisan gins


Edinburgh’s Christmas Gin


Using Frankincense and Myhrr as botanicals in a Christmas Gin may seem as gratuitous as our gin-gle bells pun but actually this is a marvellous armomatic gin. Seasonal orange and festive spice also put in an appearance.



Monkey 47


monkey 47


Top of the tree and not easy to come by, Monkey 47 hails form the Black Forest in Germany. 47 botanicals – hence the name – contribute to this complex gin that hits a sturdy 47% – again, hence the name. It is the choice of gin connoisseurs and the perfect Christmas treat for discerning tipplers.



Darnley’s View Spiced Gin


darnley's view spiced gin



This was my Christmas Gin of 2014. Splendidly quaffable fireside with ginger ale and a sliver of clementine. The principle botanicals of juniper, cinnamon and nutmeg are the perfect seasonal fit. Sadly the bottle emptied all too quickly.



Adnams Copper House


This is a belter of a gin. Infused with six botanicals, including juniper, sweet orange and hibiscus flowers. Distilled in a beer stripping column, before being put through a handmade copper pot still. An exemplar of artisan gins at Christmas or any other time of year.



Hotel Chocolat do a Chocolate Gin


hotel chocolat cocoa gin


There is nothing serious too serious about Hotel Chocolat’s Cocoa Gin. This is a bit of fun pairing chocolate with gin. On the other hand it shouldn’t be dismissed as pure novelty. The botanicals of lemon, juniper, coriander and roasted cocoa shells do pair well with chocolate. If you don’t believe this you can always have fun finding out for yourself.


Edinburgh Gin Rhubarb and Ginger


More of a liquor really than something you’d mingle with tonic. To be sipped neat after dinner or deployed as a pre-dinner cocktail component. Nothing simpler than a little splash topped off with prosecco.



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