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Golf Style – The Winners and Losers

Golf Style – The Winners and Losers


Golfers and more particularly their wardrobes come in for a lot of stick. Plaid wearing, Argyll sweatered, flat cap, club toting, fans of a five iron are pretty much the last minority group – no really, a cultural group of mainly white males can constitute a minority – that’s it’s socially acceptable to poke fun at.


Note the latest Ariel ad, the one where poor John, in his fluorescent golf combo, is hen pecked by his passive aggressive wife?


No matter, whether you side with John or his beige wife, we ask is it fair? Is golf the fashion point of no-return?


While the pundits battle it out in print trying to predict who will the US Masters in Augusta we take a looks golf’s style winners and losers.


Source: via Sandy on Pinterest


Tiger Woods

The thing about Tiger Woods is it’s impossible to gauge his style because he’s always wearing his sponsorship on his sleeve, or his chest or his head. Or all at once. If it doesn’t have a tick he won’t wear it, which sartorially is rather limiting.


Source: via Margo on Pinterest


Rory McIlroy

Now that Rory has joined the Nike stable, as the brand’s newest endorsed golfer it’s unlikely he’ll appear in anything other than ‘tick’ sanctioned clothing. But judging from his previous record we can determine that he’s a rule following, polo shirt sort of a guy, who doesn’t like to stray too far from his fashion roots. Occasionally he may sport a stripe but he’s unlikely to dabble in a diamond pattern, or risqué colour tone and the top above is as daring as we’re likely to see.



Ian Poulter

Is it possible to be in both camps at once, winner and loser? Whilst Poulter clearly cares about what he wears, he clearly doesn’t give a hoot. And his particular brand of reactionary – Yep, that’s me, taking my 12 foot putt in my Union Jack breeks with my red hair – is such a joyful expression of poor taste and high entertainment that it’s got to make him a winner.



Luke Donald

Here’s a man who’s not afraid of colour, or a trend. Above he does colour blocking well but below is our favourite.




Cutting a dash, dressed in Ralph Lauren vintage style for the 100 Year Challenge at the Zurich Classic.



Brandt Snedeker

Just when you’re about to write Brandt Snedker off as proto-Beach Boy scruff he goes and pulls off the looking good thing.


Source: via LGB on Pinterest

Justin Rose

Wearing a long sleeve under a polo seems to be a fashion offense committed by a number of golfers and Justin is a repeat offender.



But look they’re all at it! Only one out of three can get this under/over thing right.


Just as well they can play golf.