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Great Gifts for Men

Great Gifts for Men

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A Hume Men’s Gift Guide


Christmas PresentAt Christmas, by the time you’ve fulfilled your extended familial gift buying commitments – does your 2nd cousin’s daughter whom you’ve never met really need a gift – buying for your near and dearly beloved can feel less like a thoughtful, loving purchase and more like a hop, skip and a slump to the till.


Worse still, ask anyone and they’ll tell you that it’s the tricky gifts that get left to last. Dig a little deeper and you’ll discover that the trickiest gifts aren’t even for the off-sprogs of 2nd cousins – that’s easy, bung a Monster High doll in the post and kerwhizz, instant fav auntie status – even if the mother isn’t overjoyed.


No – it’s the male relatives we all struggle with; husbands, sons, fathers and boyfriends. Very often those closest to us fair the worst. As we know men aren’t great communicators and on the subject of gifts their monosyllabism is extreme.


The simple, heartfelt question, “What would you like for Christmas?” is generally answered with unswerving banality, we’re sure you’re familiar with….


“Peace in a restless world….” or “Oh, just some golf balls, or a book.” Or “I dunno – iTunes vouchers?”


Really? Woe betide anyone who falls for this, for you will awake on Christmas morning to a hard frost.


By all means give them books, and golf balls and iTunes but for goodness sake get them something that shows you know them even just a little bit.


Take inspiration from our gift guide below and peace in a restless world might well be within reach.


I’ll Be Home For Christmas

I'll be home for christmas

Clockwise from top left: Dubarry Brosnan Jacket, William Lockie Merino Wool Lumber Sweater, Chester Jefferies The Sportac Mitt, Rampant Sporting Mens Stripe Sock 3 Pack, Millican James the Duffle – Slate Green and RM Williams 3 Piece 1.5″ Brass Buckle Belt.


Berry Little Christmas


berry little christmas


Clockwise from top left: Schoffel Cambridge Check Shirt, Magee Midweight Sports Jacket, Scott Nichol Rutland Country Fairisle Sock, Gant New Haven Chino Trouser, Schoffel Check Scarf and Dubarry Kinvara Leather A4 Folder.


Partridge in a Pear Tree


partridge in a pear tree


Clockwise from top left: Viyella Tattersall Check Shirt, Schoffel Ptarmigan Extreme Coat, Schoffel Herringbone Tie – Pheasant, Red, Schoffel Cottesmore Fleece Jacket – Navy, Johnstons of Elgin Marl Tweed Scarf and Schoffel Ptarmigan Tweed Breeks.


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