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Halloween – It’s Not For Kids

Halloween – It’s Not For Kids



If you thought Halloween was just for kids. Think Again….


Halloween Horror Nights


Halloween Horror Nights dedicated to scaring the living bejesus out of attendees have been doing the rounds in the US for some time.


The biggest of them all is Universal Studios, Orlando. Their Halloween Horror Nights have been pulling in horror fans by hundreds of thousands for the past 25 years.



When night falls the benign paradise unleashes its dark side and the park becomes a seething mass of zombies, mutants, monsters and aliens. Truly a festival of nightmares – running 18 Sept – 1 November 2015.





Closer to home we have Farmageddon the UK’s biggest Fright Night attraction. Where, as well as the usual blood and gore, accompanied by a soundtrack of whirring chainsaw and chilling screams, you can also enjoy Zombie Paintball. Which according to Farmageddon creator Mark Edwards is:


“All about going out into the wastelands of Farmageddon to shoot and hunt zombies. Saving mankind from devastation and destruction.”



Shocktober Fest


Of all the screaming fun to be had around Halloween in the UK, Shocktober Fest looks to be most fun in the traditional sense of the word.


Night Shade Circus at Shocktober Fest.

Night Shade Circus at Shocktober Fest. Image credit: Alex Smale at Tribemix.


It has its share of horror classics like the Chop Shop (featuring scary man with a pig nose and a chainsaw) but it’s more of a Halloween themed Glastonbury, mixing up burlesque, music and circus freaks. Less video nasty – more Victorian, theatrical horror (throughout October).



Hogwarts Halloween Feast




Speaking of all things theatrical. The Ghillie Dhu in Edinburgh is celebrating Halloween in Hogwarts style with a Halloween Feast – come in costume. Expect plenty of Gryffindors, Slytherins, Hufflepuffs and Ravenclaws. And lots of All Hallows Eve atmosphere in this historic setting.



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