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How a Pie from the Local Butcher Can Save Your Town?

How a Pie from the Local Butcher Can Save Your Town?


Find out how small towns all over Britain are blazing a trail for independent retailers. And do your bit by going on an independent’s only spending spree.


July is Independent Retailer Month and earlier this month we looked at local efforts to boost independent trade in our post #BuyIndieInKelso. Today we thought we’d look at how your £s can make your town a better place to live and what other towns are doing to encourage local spending.


Visit Kelso Local Spending


But first let’s remind ourselves of the hard facts driving the campaign by casting an eye over the sandwich board above……


Back with us now? It’s a no brainer really, the more money spent in local independents the better the place you live.


Have a meal out in your local pub, get your nails done at the local salon, use a local physio, buy a pie from the butcher, or eat cake in the café round the corner – and you’re a community activist. How easy was that?


Surely this is the most effortless way to do your bit – it certainly takes the guilt out of a spending spree!


Yes, there are convenience issues. Sunday openings. Parking. Opening Hours. But more and more Indies are working together to support local shopping initiatives, experimenting with change and campaigning for collective interests in their local community.


Indie community collaboration is the way forward and here in Kelso A Hume have been working with a group of similarly motivated independent retailers and businesses under the Visit Kelso banner in conjunction with Kelso Chamber of Trade.


You can see what we’ve been up to on the Visit Kelso Facebook page and the Visit Kelso website. Working together is better for all of us – for retailers, shoppers and visitors.


Dipping a collective toe in the social media pond is just one tiny example. A small homewares shop might not feel they can attract a big following for a Facebook page, or have the resources to keep it up to date. But get together under the Visit Kelso banner with the chocolate maker, fish shop, and hairdresser, and suddenly there’s a lot more to say and a bigger audience.


And for shoppers it’s easier to have a single hub delivering all your local news, offers and chat.


Retailers in Burntisland have been collaborating in a similar way using name TotallyLocallyBurntisland. The pics of Pittenweem Monkfish on their Facebook page would definitely make us get our wallet out if we lived close by and they popped up in our FB News Feed.



whynot? north berwick


Another Scottish small town success story that relies on collaborative working is whynot? in North Berwick. Small, independent retailers can rent space on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. So under one roof you might find, food, homewares, flowers, plants and a deli. A dynamic mix of pop ups, and year round residents all reaching a receptive local market without the financial outlay, or commitment of a stand-alone shop.


The positive up swing for North Berwick is palpable, the retail mix is much more interesting, there are people with money to spend in the area and the whynot? has got them spending it locally. Interestingly existing retailers also report higher sales as more people are drawn to the High Street.


So now you know the positive spin of spending cash independently make a pledge, this summer and forever more, to #BuyIndieInJuly and #BuyIndieInKelso.



whynot? is open from 10am to 5.30pm Monday to Saturday. 11am to 5pm Sun.


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