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Barbour Jacket Care Guide

Barbour Jacket Care Guide


Re-waxing, repairs and re-proofing. We show you how best to look after your wax Barbour jacket.


There aren’t many things in life that truck on quite like a Barbour jacket, be it a classic Beaufort or a modern Trooper. Looked after properly a Barbour jacket is likely to be one of the longest serving garments you’ll ever own.


Barbour Classic Beaufort



Their long-in-the-tooth status is rivalled only by Land Rover, another heritage British company.


Barbour jackets aren’t cheap – thank goodness. Arch Hume Snr, Archie’s grandfather, was fond of saying he was too poor to buy cheap clothes, and there is great wisdom nestled in this homily. It’s perhaps not the most exciting piece of advice but it’s a little nugget of truth worth tucking up your sleeve.


Barbour make things to last, with quality components and materials. Though obviously exactly how long your Barbour lasts depends on hard you wear it and how well you look after it.


Luckily we’ve got a few insider tricks up our wax Barbour Jacket sleeve on how to care for yours.


The Home Spa – Re-waxing a Barbour Jacket


Seasonal re-waxing is the simplest way to ensure continued weatherproofing, good looks, and maximise the lifespan of a Barbour jacket. This can be done easily at home.


Re-waxing also works a treat for smelly old Barbours. It’s an unfortunate truth that wax jackets don’t half pong after a while. This is due to the wax, which being a natural substance will alter over time.


We’ve heard of people going to great lengths to alleviate the pong, including, washing with a dilute solution of vodka, sticking it in the freezer, or leaving it out to bake in the sun. As fun as this sort of thing may be, the real cure is re-waxing and this is really simple. If you’ve ever waxed a pair of skis, then it’s pretty much the same thing.



The video above gives you low down on the home spa treatment – though we would stress that you don’t need picturesque outbuildings or a log fire to re-wax your Barbour jacket. Some newspaper laid out in the wash kitchen, or utility room will do just fine.


The Treatment – Barbour Re-proofing and Repairs Service


If your jacket is more of a vintage model – and we know of Barbour jackets that have done the wardrobe equivalent of twice round the clock – then perhaps a little more attention is required.


However, this is far from the end of the road for you and your waxy friend. What you do is, parcel up your shabby old chum and send him off either to us or you can send direct to the Barbour team at North Shields, where he’ll receive The Treatment.


The Treatment covers everything from re-proofing, re-waxing to the un-initiated, repairing frayed collars and cuffs, and tears, even if it means inserting a whole new panel.


It doesn’t matter whether your poachers pockets have torn due to constant abrasion from your rifle butt or some other nefarious activity – items found in pockets by the Barbour repairs crew include; sheep’s tails, fox teeth, the keys to St James’ Palace, steamy love letters and a crisp wad of cash – the nice Geordie ladies at Barbour will discreetly, expertly put your waxy old chum all back together again.


You can find out all about this service right here: Barbour Repairs and Reproofing.


Now is exactly the right time to send off your tattered Barbour, or give it the home spa treatment.


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