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How to Wear Tartan at Hogmanay

How to Wear Tartan at Hogmanay



A bit of tartan at Hogmany is simply de rigeur and no one would dispute the supremacy of the kilt – if ever there was a night for a man to wear a skirt, then Hogmanay’s the night.


But what if you want to bring a little pleasing plaid into the festivities without adorning the full regalia? Here’s our top ten ways to wear, or simply enjoy tartan this Hogmanay.


Chanel Metier des Arts


1. Tartan the Chanel Way

Take your style cue from Karl Lagerfeld, tartan trims, trews and berets are all very chic. Above, Chanel’s tribute to Scottish style as seen as their recent Metier des Arts show at Linlithgow Palace.


Scotty Dog Tree Trims


2. Tree Trimming

Take your inspiration from these perfect little Scotty dogs and get creative with some twine and a sheet of tartan wrapping paper.


Tartan Bow Tie

Source: via Casey on Pinterest


3. Bow Tie

It’s subtle, stylish and a wee bit quirky, wear bravely with a check shirt and a blazer for added eccentricity.


Stag Cake

Source: via Bex on Pinterest


4. Stag Cake

Impress mightily with a beautifully iced decorated cake, cut the stencil out of tartan fabric and adhere with edible glue then bling up the antlers with some glitter baubles.


Saucy Tartan

Source: via Sarah on Pinterest


5. Saucy Tartan

Indulge your inner wench on Hogmanay and relish the prospect a more exciting end to the evening than a peck on the cheek at the Bells.


Tartan Table


6. Tartan Table

Alternatively invite winter inside and festoon your table with glorious seasonal berries and forage finds displayed opulently on a tartan picnic rug. So easy and so effective.


Tartan Skull and Cross bones socks

Source: via Paul on Pinterest


7. Piracy and Rebellion

Shelter your tartan fetish on your feet with these excellent tartan skull and cross bones socks.


Tartan Rollerboy Spikes


8. Tartan Rollerboy Spikes

See off unwanted first footers effortlessly with these rather outré creations from Christian Louboutin. Not recommended for Ceilidhs.


Tartan Tea Cosy

Source: via Cindy on Pinterest


9. Tea by the fire

Don’t feel that staying home with a cup of tea exempts you from the party, give in to the Hogmanay vibe and keep your tea cosy in style.


Tartan Dog Coat


10. Plaid Dog Coat

If you are staying home make sure your furry companions are in on the fun.