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Jeans Guide for Men: Right Fit, Right Jeans

Jeans Guide for Men: Right Fit, Right Jeans



Choosing a style


Jeans are an undisputed wardrobe essential, they look good dressed up with a tweed jacket, or in classic style with T-shirt and trainers.



But however you wear them the key to wearing jeans well is getting the fit right.


Here we explain the terminology and identify the right fit for your height and size:



Rise – Mid or Low


The ‘rise’ is defined by the distance between the crotch and the top button on the waistband.


Mid-rise jeans are designed to sit about 3 inches below the tummy button and are flattering for most builds.


Low-rise jeans work well on average or slimmer builds, for both taller and shorter frames.


Caution: High-rise jeans can give the impression of an excess of fabric and bulk and are best avoided.


To maintain that ‘just right fit’ always buy snug. Denim stretches, sometimes by as much as a full size, and often comes with added stretch so to avoid losing that essential structured fit new jeans should always feel a little on the tight side.



Cut – Regular, Boot or Slim



Regular fit jeans are the everyman of the jeans world. The classic straight fit cut through hips, thighs and calves. This style is flattering for most builds.






Linesman Regular Fit

A classic pair of straight cut jeans in good quality mid-weight 12oz denim with a low rise that will work for all any height, average and slim builds.  For everyday wear.















Wool Denim Jeans

Deep indigo jeans in a classic, low-rise regular cut. Wool woven on the inside for added warmth and comfort in durable 12.8oz denim. Smart and hard wearing for any height, average and slim builds











Boot cut

Boot cuts are cut straight through the hips and then taper outward. A more pronounced boot cut may taper out gradually from the thigh; more subtle boot cuts taper out below the knee. Boot cuts look good on taller men of most builds.





Legends Boot Cut

Legends jeans are mid rise, cut straight from hip with a subtle boot cut taper at the calves. Deep indigo. Suits slim, average and tall builds.














Prospect Boot Cut

Made from strong 15oz denim, the Prospect jeans are the choice to flatter taller, heavier builds. Mid-rise, cut straight from hip with a subtle boot cut taper at the calves, a double thickness waistband, and also featuring 6 belt loops up to waist size 34″ and 8 from waist size 35″ upwards.













Slim Fit

Slim fit jeans are cut close to the hips, thighs and calves to create a narrow silhouette. They have a contemporary feel and fashionable appeal. They suit both tall and shorter frames, of average or thin build. Not as tricky to wear as you might think, especially in heavier weight, indigo denim.





Stretch Denim

These low-rise jeans are perfect for tall and shorter frames of average or slim builds, cut to sit comfortably on the hips and close through thighs and calves. Quality 12.8oz deep indigo denim. Smart and fashionable.















Linesman Slim Fit

Summer weight, low rise, slim cut jeans in 10oz navy or buckskin denim. A contemporary narrow silhouette. Perfect smart jeans choice for tall and shorter frames of average or slim builds.













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