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Jeans That Fit and Flatter

Jeans That Fit and Flatter


A Hume – Jeans Fitting Guide


A pair of jeans should be your best friend. What you slink into at the weekend – toss on with a crisp white shirt, sling a bright tote over your shoulder and ta da – job done. Instant classic go anywhere chic.


But sometimes when bothersome bits squish out hither tither from waistbands and your bum is squashed pancake flat, jeans can feel like the enemy.


We can’t be the only ones who own multiple pairs of unworn jeans that looked so good in the shop mirror but mock us in real life. Jeans can be savagely unflattering. And this is why we’ve put so much effort into sourcing jeans that fit and flatter – not just us, but you too.

A fit for every body shape and every taste.


Pear Shaped – RM Williams Boot Cut Stretch Denim


RM Williams Boot Cut stretch denim


These mid-rise, lightly boot cut jeans balance proportions and elongate the legs – perfect for anyone who carries weight in the hips and rear. They are at their most effective when worn with heals – wedge sandal for summer, boots for winter. If the low-rise feels too low, counter by wearing with a longer t-shirt such as the Dubarry Cashel Top, or a tunic, a flattering look for your shape. Avoid high waisted jeans at all costs.


Straight-waist – NYDJ Skinny


nydj skinny 2



At last a pair of skinny jeans that makes the most of a good pair of pins without causing concern in other areas – perfect for someone who carries weight in their middle. NYDJ deploy their Lift Tuck Technology – basically spandex, corseting poly-cotton denim and a clever cut to defy gravity and produce curves in the right places. Wear with an un-tucked fitted shirt such as the Dubarry Thyme Shirt that works to create a waist for you.


Curvy – RM Williams Bindara Curvy Fit


bindara jeans


Lucky you with the curves! But important to make them work for you. The Bindara is cut especially to take account of a fuller figure and has a higher proportion of elastine to come and go with the curves – so no pinching, bulging or gaping. A darker denim has a marvelously slimming effect so a deep indigo or black will work well.  Accessorise with a long floaty scarf like the Johnstons of Elgin Tumbled Fancy Scarf, the length of the scarf creates a flattering centre and balances the curves.


Petite – NYDJ Jegging


nydj jegging


A super-fitted skinny jean that lengthens legs, with a high rise that scoops and curves hips and waist, creating an even longer silhouette. Wedge sandals again work wonders for height and length. The NYDJ Lift Tuck Technology smoothes, defines and lifts – we can’t promise a Kylie Minogue bottom for everyone but we can get you closer. Wear with a little shaped t-shirt like the Dubarry Clifden Rugby Top to define your waist.


Tall – RM Williams Garland


garland jeans


Tall isn’t necessarily a shape in itself, but a word or two on a longer fit balanced against advice for other body shapes is worthwhile. If you’re long and lean, the RM Williams Garland Jean is perfect, a low-rise to draw the eye to the hips and add a little curve and a slim straight leg to make the most of your pins. Works a treat with a tunic and flats, or equally well with heals, or boots. Boots cuts such as the RM Williams Legends Jean are also great for taller women who’re not so confident in a low rise, straight leg.


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